6 Types of People You Meet at Weddings

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6 Types of People You Meet at Weddings

Every bride and groom get worried at a certain point of who is going to attend their wedding and how are they going to act.

To make it easier on you, we have summed up 6 stereotypes that you can find at any wedding.

The Embarrassing Guest: The one who dances in the center of the dance floor, falls over everything, and says inappropriate comments.

The Fussy Eater: The one who is either allergic to everything, or does not like the taste of anything and has all the negative food comments you may think of.

The Emotional One: The one who can’t stop crying when you and your groom enter the wedding hall, when you’re dancing your first dance, or can’t stop hugging everyone and explaining how happy she/he is for the bride and groom.

The Anonymous: There is always a guest that no one knows! Is he the groom’s friend? The bride’s cousin? No one can agree.

The Bitter Lady: At every wedding there is always a lady that simply cannot smile and does not approve of anything going around.

The Maid of Honor: The bride’s best friend, cousin, or sister, the one who got the bride’s back when it comes to literally everything, she’s a great helper and has all the brides’ needs covered.