Dealing with Teenagers at Your Wedding

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Dealing with Teenagers at Your Wedding

We have earlier given you some tips and tricks on how to keep children entertained at your wedding so they won’t bother their parents or interrupt your wedding.


Who Says Having Children at Your Wedding Can’t Be Fun?

When Little Ones are Guests at Your Wedding

But what about the teenagers? We all know how teenagers can get bored easily. They want to have fun and enjoy their time but don’t want to be treated as children.

Here is what you can do to make them happy:

Have a separate area set for them, some cool lounges where they can all sit together and not have to sit at their parent’s tables.

Have an Xbox, Playstation, or Karaoke machine to keep them entertained.

Have some board games and play cards on the tables.

Have candy or cupcake centerpieces instead of flowers.

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