Give Back on Your Wedding Day

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Give Back on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a great day to give back to those who are less fortunate. If you have a cause that is special to you or just want to start your married life with a new perspective and help many people, here is what you can do…

Donate Your Wedding Dress: There are many organizations which help couples get married, so by donating your wedding dress, your dress will make a bride-to-be very happy, or the proceeds of selling your dress will help the couple get married.

Charity Registry: If you don’t really need a gift registry, why not let your guests join you in helping the less fortunate? Make cards which you can include in your invitations or in the wedding to inform your guests of your wish.

Give Away Your Favors: Instead of spending money on wedding favors for your guests, donate the money to an organization of your choice and place small cards on the tables to inform your guests of what you did, you might inspire someone as well.

Cheer Them Up: We know how flowers, cakes and food can go to waste after a wedding, so why not organize for your flowers, wedding cake and food to be sent to different organizations. For example, you can send the flowers to decorate a nursing home for the elderly and put a smile on their face. Send your cake and food to a children’s organization and make them happy for a day.

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