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A Guide to Help You Create Your Wedding Website

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A Guide to Help You Create Your Wedding Website

What is the point of creating your own wedding website? Basically, to keep all your wedding guests informed about your wedding details, updates, and, of course, get them excited about your wedding!

To create the perfect wedding website, there are 5 basic issues you need to cover to get started on creating a beautiful wedding website.

When to Launch Your Website: You can’t launch your wedding website before you choose your wedding date and venue.

Your Design and Color: Most websites allow you to choose the templates and colors you want, but make sure you use the same colors and patterns that you will be using in your wedding, invitation cards and wedding décor.

A Greeting: Your wedding website should open with a small greeting and note to your guests from you and your fiancé.

Your Story: It is nice to include a small short story about how you met and why you love each other, but without getting too much into details. Keep it simple and short and not too personal.

Link Your Gift Registry:  Every person visiting the website will want to know what to get you for your wedding, so make it easier on them by adding a link or address to your wedding gift registry if you are using an online gift registry. For couples getting married in the UAE, you can create your online Gift Registry here. 



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