How to Help Your Groom Enjoy Planning His Wedding

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How to Help Your Groom Enjoy Planning His Wedding

We have previously mentioned a few tips on how grooms can help out with the wedding planning. Read "Grooms Can Get Into Wedding Planning Too!"

But what if the groom finds planning his big day boring and doesn’t want anything to do with it? We have a few tips that will make your groom have more fun and enjoy the wedding planning experience:

Schedule a Planning Day: Planning and talking about your wedding everyday can be overwhelming for your groom, instead make it a 1 day a week thing when it’s all about wedding plans! Go for lunch and discuss your ideas and tasks, meet with your wedding planner, if you are hiring one, and check your venue...this way your groom will stay interested and not feel tired of all the wedding planning talks.

Do His Homework: Don’t expect your groom to create a Pinterest account or an account on Arabia Weddings to cut out ideas from magazines, or websites that inspire him. Instead gather all the ideas you love in your own folders on e.g. Arabia Weddings and when you meet to discuss your wedding plans, show him the ones you like and ask him about his opinion.

Include His Friends: Just like every bride needs her friend’s support and help, so does the groom. So ask him if his friends could help out in a certain detail or if they have any good ideas or recommendations. You could both also go out with all your friends and enjoy a fun outing where you can all talk about the wedding plans.

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