Most Common Forgotten Details at Weddings

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Most Common Forgotten Details at Weddings

Planning a wedding can be so overwhelming that sometimes small details can be forgotten.

Here are the common details couples tend to forget in preparation for their wedding:

  • Confirm with all your suppliers during the week of your wedding; make sure you agree on the date, time, details, delivery and payment.
  • You won’t have time or the ability to eat once you’re getting ready for the wedding. So a healthy and filling breakfast is a must for every bride and groom no matter how nervous you are. Read more related tips in our Health and Fitness section. 
  • Don’t forget the emergency kit; hopefully you won’t need it but better safe than sorry, right?
  • Assign someone to take home the things you still want from the venue, such as centerpieces (if you want to keep 1 or 2), extra wedding favors,  the cake topper and of course, any presents that you may have received.
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