Pros and Cons of a Big or Small Wedding

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Pros and Cons of a Big or Small Wedding

Now that you need to start planning your wedding,  first of all, you have to decide on the number of guests. Because the wedding venue, the catering, the wedding invitations, and wedding favors will depend on this.

Can’t decide whether you want a big or small wedding? We can help you make the decision!

Here are some pros and cons to have a big and small wedding.

Big Weddings


    • Higher cost.
    • Guests will include more than your close friends and family members, so it might not be as personal.


    • You can invite everyone you know, no need to priorities your guests.
    • It can be a lot of fun and the dance floor will never get empty.

    Small Weddings


      • You will have to be very selective when choosing your guests.
      • Some friends might be disappointed they didn’t get invited.


      • Easier and cheaper to organize.
      • Your wedding will be more intimate.
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