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Wedding Planning

Planning your dream wedding is not easy and can be overwhelming, but with the help of wedding experts and following the wedding planning tips we have for you, rest assured that you will enjoy the wedding planning and have your dream wedding.


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You have finally found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, and it is time to plan your wedding! Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you will ever do, but it could also be one of the most stressful things to do.  You have definitely arrived at the right place to start your planning process.

Who doesn't want a perfect wedding day? But sometimes the bride and groom can be too busy or overwhelmed that they can make a few mistakes without noticing. And in this section, we will help you avoid these mistakes and get the best wedding planning tips. 

Planning your wedding on a tight budget? You still can have the wedding of your dreams with the tips that we have provided you with, Can't decide on your wedding music? We have a section just for that. Don't know how to choose your wedding vendors? We will help you out! We will even give you some post-wedding tips and how to deal with everything once your wedding is done.

In this amazing wedding planning section, you will find all the advice and help you need to plan your wedding from the wedding experts. We will help you plan every detail of your wedding like a professional, from choosing your wedding venue, your wedding cake, and your wedding flowers, and how to plan your wedding on a budget, how to make your wedding more fun, and how to deal with your wedding vendors, and all the tips and secrets to planning the perfect wedding.  

We will also give you some unique and trendy wedding planning ideas to have a unique wedding that will have all your guests amazed. We are here to help you plan your wedding from the beginning and up to the last detail!

Wedding Planning Tips

It is very important to know how to deal with the people you hire to make your wedding flawless. Here is how you can make the planning process easier by following these wedding tips:

  • Know what you want: Browse through the online directories and RealWeddings on Arabia Weddings and make a list of the ideas you like and suppliers you find.
  • Take it from the wise: Ask your friends or relatives who already got married about their wedding planning experience and advice.
  • Prepare your questions: Make a list of questions you need to ask the suppliers you’re about to meet. We have posted some articles that will help you ask the right questions to your cake baker, florist, photographer and many other wedding vendors. 
  • Write their answers down: Don’t rely on your memory, write each supplier’s answers, ideas, and prices.
    • Tip: Make sure to ask about extra fees, such as delivery, overtime, or car mileage.
    • Sign a contract: Once you decide on a supplier, have a written contract both of you can sign.
    • Tip: Discuss with your suppliers what penalty will occur if the wedding gets canceled or delayed.
  • Show respect: Treat your suppliers with respect and don’t get angry at them if you have to repeat yourself over and over again… as some may tend to underperform if they feel disrespected.