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Sweet Surprises For Your Groom On Your Wedding Day

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Sweet Surprises For Your Groom On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be quite hectic from the moment you wake up; you will probably not have much time to speak to your husband to be, but what about making him feel appreciated and loved on your wedding day?

We have some sweet ideas you can surprise your groom with on the day of your wedding, check them out:

Have “I Love You” embroidered on the back of his tie, or cuffs of his shirt. Read "Wedding Trend: Notes on Ties"


Send a romantic letter, text messages are never as romantic as a good old letter in an envelope, which he can keep forever.


Dedicate a song; whether on the radio or whether you send it to him personally, a song will put your groom in a happy wedding mood.

Send him a breakfast basket or tray in the morning filled with his favorite breakfast items and a sweet note.


How about sending him a detailed scrapbook with notes and items that he will cherish forever?


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