Time-Saving Tips for the Busy Bride

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Time-Saving Tips for the Busy Bride

Nowadays most brides are very busy; they have a job, social responsibilities, and now they have to plan a wedding on top of it all.

We have created an organized wedding checklist to make sure you stay on track and don’t forget any details! Click here to start using it.

And here are some tips that will help you plan your wedding no matter how busy you are:

Talk to Your Boss:

Try and estimate the time you will need out of the office, and sit down with your boss or manager and present him/her an organized plan of your work during those busy months.
The earlier you plan your work, your days off, and your leaves, and show them to your boss the more comfortable everyone will feel.

Delegate to Friends and Family:
Everyone will want to help the bride-to-be! So assign tasks to the people you trust most and who have more free time than you do.

Make Time:
There are times where your wedding plans will take the most out of your schedule, for example the first period after the engagement you will be busy setting a budget, writing down your guest list, and booking your venue.

You will also be very busy at the last period before your wedding, where you will have to go and see everything for yourself.

How to keep yourself sane? Do not plan for your wedding or look for ideas during work, instead, plan your wedding in your usually free time.

Coffee and Lunch Breaks:
Make the most out of your coffee and lunch breaks, got a 15-30 minute coffee break? Call your vendors and send some wedding related e-mails.

If you have a 1-hour lunch break, even better! Leave the office for some quick wedding errands.

Get Extra Days Off:
Need a few extra days off work? Discuss with your boss if you can take more time out of the office if you work after hours or weekends.

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