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Top 20 Tips to Plan a Perfect Wedding By The BRIDE Show

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Top 20 Tips to Plan a Perfect Wedding By The BRIDE Show

BRIDE is excited to announce the official dates and ticket sales launch for the region’s biggest wedding and lifestyle events, BRIDE Dubai and BRIDE Abu Dhabi.

Marking the 20th Anniversary since conception, BRIDE Abu Dhabi will be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from 25th – 28th January 2017 and BRIDE Dubai will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 15th – 18th February 2017 with tickets to both events now officially on sale.

The Bride Show shared their top 20 wedding planning tips to help every bride plan the perfect wedding, check them out:

  • Start with a Budget: Undoubtedly, weddings are costly events. From flowers to food to small details such as the cutlery, every bride wants to ensure that no detail is overlooked in the planning. It is important that a realistic budget is set in order to account for everything that goes into making that special day perfect but also practical.
  • Remember what matters most: Regardless of how emotional or even stressful the planning process may be, it is important to keep in mind at all times that weddings are a celebration of love and happiness.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff: Remember that nothing in life is perfect and that things happen unexpectedly. If there is a problem with a vendor or a last-minute wedding day challenge, take a minute as a reminder that it is important to keep level headed at all times.
  • Keep true to oneself and ones own vision: When families and friends begin adding opinions, it becomes quite hard to remember what brides wanted in the first place. While the opinions of loved ones do matter never compromise the original vision and happiness.
  • Review every detail with vendors: While online shopping and Pinterest pinning has taken over, it is imperative that to schedule in-person sessions with vendors before the wedding. Make sure to see, touch, taste and smell everything in person before purchasing!

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  • Remember the smaller details: Sometimes the most personal and touching aspects are the smaller things which most people tend to overlook. Whether it’s a beautifully decorated guest sign-in book or a small token to each of the bridesmaids, the little things really do go a long way!
  • Stay as organized as possible: Whether a bride-to-be has employed a wedding planner or have the help of family and friends, it is important to keep organized and stay on track with all deadlines.
  • Choose the most flattering wedding gown: While trends are important to follow in everyday lives, for the wedding day it is important to stay true to personal style and dress for the shape and comfort, individual beauty and modesty. Females have to ensure they are happy and comfortable and most importantly feel absolutely beautiful in the wedding gown of choice.
  • Ensure that the best venue is chosen: Realistically think about the time of the year as well as the day when the wedding will happen and ultimately choose the venue that will facilitate all conveniences. Keep in mind the design and theme of the ceremony itself when choosing a venue.
  • Honeymoon: Remember that after the wedding, the newly weds deserve the time to relax! Choose a honeymoon destination that both partners can enjoy.
  • Send out the invitations as early as possible: Having the presence of nearest and dearest is by far one of the most important aspects of any wedding. Confirm guests’ attendance as early as possible by making sure that the invitations or Save-The-Dates reach everyone well in advance.
  • Let the Groom have his “thing”: Naturally, most men tend to be not as involved as their ladies in the entire planning process. It is important that his opinion is requested but do not bombard him with the smaller details.
  • Remember that bigger doesn’t mean better: While most would like to keep everyone included in the special day, remember to set realistic expectations of guest list numbers, keeping in mind the venue and its capacity.
  • Keep your wedding details a secret: As much as most women would like to snapchat and Instagram the entire process along the way, make sure to keep the most important things a secret. Don’t spoil any surprises!
  • Be kind to yourselfRemember that perfection is ultimately unattainable and that brides will look absolutely beautiful no matter what! Don’t stress about body, hair or makeup and let the light shine from within.

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  • Choose colors wisely: To help make pulling together the atmosphere and overall look of the wedding a little easier, pick colors based on personality, the venue and the overall theme of the celebration.
  • Don’t do any wedding planning on the actual day: After months of prep, make sure that time spent at the actual wedding day is for taking it all in and being glam! Let the wedding planner take care of anything that may arise or enlist the help of a responsible friend or family member.
  • Take it all in: Spend some time alone to embrace all the feelings and emotions. It’s the one special day!
  • Budget time wisely: Make sure to allocate enough time to hair, makeup and photography. No one wants to feel rushed!
  • Have fun: Everyone’s wedding should be a celebration of everything good in life! Enjoy every moment with friends and family…

By The Bride Show



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