Thank You Notes for Your Guests

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Thank You Notes for Your Guests

Thank you notes are not really a new trend, but they are certainly gaining more popularity among etiquette-conscious couples these days.

Thank you notes are normally sent by the newlyweds to the guests who sent in presents and flowers to the bride and groom, either before the wedding or during the wedding.

What’s trendy these days, however, is to thank your wedding guests who attend the wedding during the actual wedding.

At weddings in the Arab world, the bride and groom usually make around during the wedding reception or dinner to thank their guests and take photos with them, but since wedding has become more intimate and small, you can easily have a thank you note for each guest.

It is a thoughtful and creative way to tell your guests; friends and family, how happy you are they could make it to your wedding and thank them for their support. It will also a beautiful way to add a personal touch to your wedding day, for more ideas on how you can personalize your wedding click here!

Here is what you can do: Write a sweet message, sign both your names, and place the notes on the tables in front of each guest. (Or if you are giving wedding favors to your guests, add the thank you note to them).

Here are a few ideas and notes we are in love with:


Thank You Notes
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