What NOT to Do the Night Before Your Wedding

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What NOT to Do the Night Before Your Wedding

There are many things that you can do or not do the night before your wedding that could significantly affect your big day. To make sure your wedding day goes smoothly, follow these tips of things you shouldn't do before your wedding day.

  • Don’t over pluck your eyebrows: Get your eyebrows done 2 days before your wedding by a specialist.
  • Don’t change plans last minute: Usually brides get nervous the night before their wedding, and start changing some plans, like the seating plan, or start getting new ideas, and so on…don’t! You've been planning this wedding for a few months now, leave it as it is.
  • Don’t bother trying to memorize: Don’t worry about knowing the names of all the distant relatives. Just say “Thank you for coming” with a big smile on your face and move on.
  • Don’t try any new beauty products: As fancy as this new facial wash or cream sounds, this is not the time to try new beauty treatments and products. A simple cleansing facial 3-5 days before your wedding is more than enough.
  • Don’t fess up: The night before your wedding is definitely not the time to tell your husband-to-be how you really feel about his mother for example, or reveal a secret you have kept to yourself. You should’ve done that long before this day.
  • Don’t overreact: So your cake is not the exact shade of ivory you wanted,no one knows and no one will notice, there is no need to let small details get to you, what’s done is done so you better enjoy the biggest day of your life.


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