When Can You Break Certain Wedding Traditions?

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When Can You Break Certain Wedding Traditions?

Many brides and grooms these days find that some wedding traditions or rules are outdated, unnecessary and really hard to follow. Even if they do follow them, they don’t really understand why they’re doing so, or how this tradition came about in the first place.

We are all for keeping your family traditions and values alive, but when it comes to wedding planning in 2013, there are some rules that just have to go…

The Groom’s Family Pay for The Wedding: This is how it is in the Middle East, that’s true, and if the groom can afford paying for the whole wedding then sure why not, but what if both families chip in? Each side paying for half the wedding costs can help many couples who want to get married but can’t afford to have a wedding because the groom simply cannot afford to pay for everything.

Who Throws the Bridal Shower: They say your mom, sisters and female family members should not throw you your bridal shower, but why not? We think your mom, sisters and cousins should enjoy throwing you one big beautiful bridal shower if they want to, your friends can help out as well.

The Traditional Wedding Registry: Why does your gift registry have to consist only of household items? These days you can register for nearly anything you want! Many couples are registering for a honeymoon trip and accommodations.

Seating Based on Groom Side vs. Bride Side: Weddings are all about bringing 2 families together, so why have sides instead of letting everyone sit wherever they please?

The Groom Can’t See The Bride in Her Wedding Dress Before the Wedding: These days brides are taking their groom with them to shop for their wedding dress! We think it’s OK if you want your groom to see you in your wedding before the ceremony and it is not bad luck, but if you like to keep him guessing then hold on to this tradition.

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