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Your Wedding Style According to Your Horoscope

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Your Wedding Style According to Your Horoscope

Your horoscope can tell a lot about your personality, so if you’re confused on how your wedding style should be, your horoscope can make it easier for you to decide.

Whether you prefer a calm and small wedding, or a big and glamorous one, find out your wedding style according to your horoscope:

Aries:  You look forward to everyone’s attention; you will probably choose a unique wedding venue such as a palace or an elegant wedding ballroom.

Taurus: You dream of a small and simple wedding, an elegant but casual dress, home cooked food style, and dance the night away with close friends and family.

Gemini: Your wedding will definitely have the element of surprise, and you will choose to shock everyone with your last minute choices.

Cancer: You want the perfect fairytale wedding, a poufy princess dress, and a glamorous entrance.

Leo: You probably want a formal and simple wedding, a catered dinner and simple decorations.

Virgo: Think of a classic, polite, and romantic wedding, with a Kate Middleton inspired wedding dress.

Libra: With you, it is all about glamour, and an upscale wedding is what you dream of, from designer wedding dress, to delicious food designed by a famous chef.

Scorpio: You’re all about mystery when it comes to your style, so go for a sophisticated wedding dress with a low cut or slit on the side. As for the wedding venue, you prefer a classy venue.

Sagittarius: Your wedding is a classic affair, white dress and roses fit for royalty.

Capricorn: Think of a cute and simple wedding, where your guests will be relaxed and feel at home.

Aquarius: You love unique ideas, so choose a non-traditional bridal gown, and a different wedding venue.

Pisces: You’re a water sign, and you probably dream of a beach wedding, and a non-traditional wedding dress.


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