6 Tips to Help You Choose Your Wedding DJ

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6 Tips to Help You Choose Your Wedding DJ

After you’ve planned every detail of your special day, make sure to give special attention to the music playing on your wedding.

Music either makes or breaks a wedding; it helps your guests get into the right mood and sets a great ambience to the place.

Good music is always related to how good your DJ is.

Here are 6 tips to help you out when you’re choosing the DJ for your wedding:

1.  Look for a DJ with a good reputation and solid experience. Ask your friends and relatives, go and visit music stores, and interview some DJs.

2.  Before looking for a DJ, ask around about the price ranges of different DJs and different music stores that do weddings, so you can be somewhat familiar with the prices before booking one.

3.  A good club DJ isn’t necessarily a good wedding DJ. Ask your DJ about the types of music and songs he is good at playing and what his/her style is, so you don’t end up with just loud music.

4.  Let your DJ know the important songs that you want to be played at your wedding, songs that have special memories for the both of you. 

5.  Ask your DJ if he/she has a track list of songs or a playlist that you could see, just to know what will generally be played at your wedding.

6.  Make sure the DJ plays both Arabic and English songs. Don’t let the music be limited to just English or Arabic. Keep in mind the guests coming to your wedding and the variety of tastes in music.

Most importantly is that you feel comfortable with the DJ you choose. You should be able to easily communicate together and he/she should be ready to provide what you ask for.  

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