Wedding Trends for the Groom

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Wedding Trends for the Groom

Now that men are becoming more involved with their wedding planning details, more tips and ideas are coming up to help the groom out, so here are a few groom-related trends we like:

Crazy Socks: Weddings are becoming more fun for the bride and groom, since fun ties and bow ties were big last year, crazy and fun socks are taking over this year!

Joint Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties: Couples are having joint parties and they are really enjoying them, it gives both your friends and families an opportunity to join together and get to know each other before the wedding.

Spider Man on Wedding Cakes:  Read our article “Couples Crazy Over Hiding Spider Man on Wedding Cakes”.

The Groom’s Toast: It’s a great idea to share your love for your bride with everyone at the wedding, so prepare a short speech; keep it sweet, fun and romantic. Your bride and everyone else will love it and appreciate the thought.