Seating Plan 101

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Seating Plan 101


Seating plans might not be popular in the Arab World just yet, but they’re slowly making their way to some weddings and parties.

If you like the idea of having a seating plan to your wedding but don't know how to get started, we are here to help you out…


Getting Started:

You need to have a list of the guests attending, which you should have once you’ve received all the RSVPs from the wedding invitations.

Make a plan of the room or area, marking roughly where each table will be set. To help you calculate the seating capacity of the ballroom or area you are having your wedding at, read this article.


Group guests by families or friendships. Start with either the groom or the bride’s guests and split them into groups according to the tables’ capacity if you are having a seated wedding.

Reserve one table for the parents, bridesmaids and best men. 


Make it fun:

You don't need to number the tables if you think it’s too boring and traditional. Why not name each table as a movie, song, or city.


What to avoid?

Avoid seating divorced couples together, or people whom you know don’t get along with each other on the same table. Also, try not to mix generations on one table.


For the single ones:

For single friends who may be coming alone and don't know anyone at the wedding, make sure you seat them with other single people who are social, and who could bond together. Or ask a close friend or relative to keep them company.


One trend for seating plans this season is to use formal banquet tables and chairs for adults and lounges for the younger crowd, which would make it more fun to mix and mingle.