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What To Wear for a Boho-Themed Wedding

What To Wear for a Boho-Themed Wedding

The wedding industry may be at a standstill at the moment, but it doesn’t mean that you get to go to weddings for long. Suppose you receive an invitation to a good friend’s wedding, and upon reading the details, you notice that the wedding is using a bohemian theme. If this is something new for you and you have no idea what you should wear for this theme, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll provide you with details on how you can carry yourself as a guest at a boho-themed wedding.

Bohemian-Themed Weddings

Bohemian-Themed Weddings

Bohemian or boho weddings mean that the couple wants to do away with a formal wedding and choose to have a more laid back celebration. Note, however, that you cannot wear your trusty old jeans to the event. While the boho theme is all about a carefree attitude, you still have to be well dressed.

The focus of the theme would be on the general feeling of the celebration and happiness. Don’t expect to see the bride wearing an extravagant dress, but instead something simpler. So when you want to dress up for the occasion, you have to think about what embodies a bohemian theme.

Bohemian-Themed Weddings

Dressing Up for the Event

Generally, you want to enjoy and join in the celebration. So, you should dress up with these tips in mind:

1) Invest in Color

While you are simply a guest for a wedding, you still have to make sure that you look great while staying effortless. The key here is investing in color or a blending of shades and tones. Mixing it with patterns or prints is also best. Choose hues that make your skin tone standout. If you want to achieve a more laid-back style, you can still wear muted colors but with a distinct boho vibe with a jumpsuit or 70s style dress.

2) Relaxed Styling

When you want to copy the perfect boho aesthetic, you should be thinking laid-back and funky. You should not wear something fancy but you can be extra creative without having to spend tons of money. One of the trends nowadays is a swim dress like the ones carried by Dainty Jewells. They are fuss-free, easy-to-wear, and they are quite versatile. You can wear it as a fancy dress for a wedding and even to a swim party. Accessorizing it or styling it with simple jewelry can help you move comfortably during the nuptials.

3) Nature and Flowers Are Your Friends​

When you want to get that boho look to match the wedding theme, you have to think about florals and all about nature. As much as possible, your accessories should be kept to a minimum. You can wear a floral dress and put your hair up. You can also wear wavy hair with a floral clip and match it with a neutral dress or maxi dress. If you have short locks, the tousled look is perfect for a boho wedding. You can finish it off with a cute pair of sandals. If you are more adventurous, you can pair your wavy dress with boots to cop that free-spirited look, especially if it is an outdoor wedding.

4) Wear Your Attitude

Part of the boho vibe is confidence and contentment. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure that you wear it with full confidence and don’t bother worrying what others think about your fashion choice. You have to keep your attitude up and share in the joy of the celebration. After all, you attend a wedding for your friend or family member; you are not there to impress other people. Have you chosen what boho-themed outfit you are wearing? Remember to wear your heart on your sleeve and simply enjoy the day!

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