What to Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

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What to Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

After you are done with choosing your wedding dress, it is time to choose your second most important details to complete your bridal looks such as your bridal accessories, bridal veils, and of course bridal shoes.

A very important element to consider on your big day is what to wear under your wedding dress. The undergarments that you’ll be wearing on your wedding day will make your dress look better and feel better.

Remember: You need to buy your undergarments and try them on when you are trying on your dress. And before you buy your undergarments, make sure you know exactly what the style of your dress is.

The Bra

Many bridal boutiques offer a bra that can be made to fit the dress you buy.

If your dress is strapless, think about wearing a bustier instead of a regular strapless bra. It will make your curves look better in the dress, and it’s long enough to stay in place with all the dancing.

For a backless dress, try bras and corsets that have fasteners at the waist. Or try the transparent adhesive types that stick to your skin. Or you can try on a tube bra, also called bandeau. It's like a bandage that will go around your chest, though it may flatten a little, it will keep everything in place.

Whatever you decide to go with, make sure that the bra size fits correctly. Consult an expert in the lingerie section of the department store or the lingerie store you are buying the bra from.

If you are buying it online, check an online bra-fitting guide to decide on the most suitable bra size. With special online calculators, it is easy to convert your measurements for both your band size and cup size into your perfect bra size.

Panties and Corset

Try on undergarments that have Lycra or Spandex to make your figure look fitter and more proportionate. Try a one-piece body hugger, which has minimum material.

Don’t forget to take all your undergarments with you to your final dress fitting, to make sure everything is set for the big day!

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