What is Your Groom Frightened of?

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What is Your Groom Frightened of?

When it comes to the big day, not only brides have their worst fears. Grooms are also scared of several things on their wedding day. 

Planning the perfect wedding is not an easy task and can be overwhelming even for the groom, and just like a bride worries about things going wrong on her wedding day, the groom also feels the same way.

Here are some things that the groom worries about when it comes to his bride on their wedding day.

Fake Tan Gone Wrong

Grooms fear they or their brides might end up with a very bad fake tan on their wedding day. There is nothing worse than having orange-colored skin on the most important day of your life.

Towering Heels

Not only are grooms afraid their brides will slip or fall wearing sky-high heels, but they also hate the idea of being shorter than their brides.

Grooms hate the idea of brides wearing tons of makeup at their wedding, they prefer a more natural look.

It seems that grooms are worried about their brides’ looks as well, they fear their bride will come out with a crazy hairdo.

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