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What Your Mother Will Worry About On Your Wedding Day

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What Your Mother Will Worry About On Your Wedding Day

Every bride’s mother has a special role in her wedding, once you get engaged you will need your mother more than any other time in your life, and you will find out that she really does have the answer to everything.

But as much as your mother acts calm and serene, there are a few things she is constantly worried about as she wants you to have the perfect wedding.

Here are the top issues your mother will be worrying about at:

Rain on your wedding day, she will do the impossible to make sure there won’t be rain on your wedding day, and if there is she will try not to make you notice just yet.

She wants to be as unique as the bride, so we are sure she hopes no one is wearing the same dress as hers.

She is definitely doing the best she can, but she worries that people might think she didn’t make enough effort.

She will scan the crowd for any girl wearing white and she won’t be okay with it.

She worries the older crowd won’t have as much fun, and would really appreciate it if the DJ played some classic songs to meet everyone’s taste.

And finally the most popular concern is food! She will constantly be worried that the food will not be enough for everyone, and if there is enough she will worry that there is too much food left and how a waste of money and food this will cause.

Let us know if your mother is getting worried about these issues. 


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