White Henna Designs For The Bride's Feet

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White Henna Designs For The Bride's Feet

Henna has been a tradition in the Middle East for centuries, and every bride loves to have a fun henna night with the females in her life.

And of course every bride thinks of the henna designs she will get on her henna night, this is why we bring you all the inspiration and ideas you need.

We all know that the traditional henna comes in a brown or reddish color. But these days there is white henna as well which took the Middle East by storm, especially among brides because it feels more bridal since it is white.

Bridal henna comes in all shapes and designs, and it is not an easy task to choose one, but we are here to help you choose your bridal henna design for your feet.

For brides who want to have henna designs on their feet, we chose some stunning white designs for you to check out.