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Who Says Having Children at Your Wedding Can’t Be Fun?

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Who Says Having Children at Your Wedding Can’t Be Fun?

We know that you would prefer your wedding children-free! But, unfortunately, that is not always an option.

Don't worry or stress about having children at your wedding. Yes, we know that they might cry and scream, but that can easily be controlled with these smart tips:

*Ask your venue to create a children's area with small colorful tables and have 1 or 2 people responsible for the children in that area. This way you are not only keeping them away from the main event, you are also allowing their parents to enjoy the wedding, while resting assured that their children are well looked after.

Who Says Having Children at Your Wedding Can’t Be Fun?

* Consider hiring a clown, or a face and body painter, an impersonator (someone wearing a certain character, such as Mickey Mouse or Cinderella), or even a magician. They can keep the children entertained for hours

* When it comes to games, take into consideration the age differences of the kids. Have a couple of coloring books and toys for the younger ones, and board games or electronic games for the older ones. Children get bored quickly, so having a certain game they can all enjoy is also a good idea, such as a karaoke game, any electronic game, a crafts table as children love to work with their hands, or even have a TV installed so that they can watch a movie! That will keep them distracted for a couple of hours!

 Who Says Having Children at Your Wedding Can’t Be Fun?

*You definitely need snacks for children! We all know how a child can act when he/she is hungry. So present them with yummy snacks or even dinner, such as pizza, hamburgers, and French fries.

Now you can enjoy your wedding without worrying about the children getting bored and troubling their parents!




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