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This Year's Most Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

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This Year's Most Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

We are seeing some beautiful bridal hairstyles in 2019; so for those brides getting married this year and looking for some inspiration, you will not be disappointed.

From elegant and classic to modern and trendy bridal hairstyles, you will find so many beautiful ideas here.

But remember that before you choose your bridal hairstyle for your wedding day, you should take into consideration some details, including your face shape and your wedding dress neckline.

We have some great tips for you to ensure you have perfect hair on your wedding day:

  • Make sure not to do any drastic changes to your hair before your wedding day! If you need a haircut or trim make sure to book it 1 month before your wedding.
  • Don't forget about your bridal veil! If possible, bring your veil with you on your hair trial so you can decide how you will be wearing your veil and with what hairstyle.
  • If you can afford the extra cost, ask your hair stylist to come to your wedding venue just in case you need some touch-ups or would like to change to another hairstyle.
  • It is better to wash your hair the night before your wedding if you are opting for a hair updo, to give it a better grip.

And don't forget there are many professional hairstylists that you can trust with your bridal look, but there are always some questions you can ask your hairstylist to make sure you get all results you want, you should do a little research before booking your hairdresser:

  • Know more about their backgrounds and the brides they worked with.
  • What will the total cost be and what does it include?
  • If they require a deposit or not.
  • How long will the process take and how much in advance should you be at the salon?
  • Take a clear picture of your wedding dress and show it to them so they can assist you with the best makeup and hair look that suits your dress and its neckline.

Another thing you can do to have perfect hair on your big day is to care for your hair before your wedding day, we have some tips for you to help you have healthy hair:

  • Avoid hair products that contain a lot of chemicals, and use natural oils such as coconut oil instead.
  • Decrease the use of curling irons and blow dryers, as they tend to dry the hair and fade your hair color.
  • Shower in warm water and not steaming hot water, as hot water can ruin the roots of your hair and let your hair dye slowly fade.

Many brides can't afford to spend a lot on salon hair treatments and masks, but what if we told you your hair can look and feel healthier than ever if you use some great masks prepared at home? Click here for some amazing hair mask recipes!

There are many bridal hairstyles that are quite popular this year, such as ponytails, ballerina buns, boho waves, and much more.

For brides who are bored with traditional hairstyles, we have compiled some of the most beautiful and modern wavy and curly bridal hairstyles for you to check out.

We have compiled some beautiful bridal hair updos for you to get some bridal hair inspiration, take a look.

Every year there are many hair trends that emerge and others that become out of trend, this is why we always advise brides to be to choose a bridal hairstyle that will not go out of style, following trends is a great thing but when it comes to your wedding day, make sure the hairstyle you choose suits you and that you will always love it when looking back at your wedding pictures even after a few years.

If you are confused by which bridal hairstyle you should go for, we bring you some beautiful bridal hairstyle trends to try out.