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Your Arabian Look Inspired By Top Social Media Influencers

Your Arabian Look Inspired By Top Social Media Influencers

When it comes to fashion and beauty, we all have some favorite social media figures who we look at for inspiration. There are so many amazing and talented influencers and bloggers in the Middle East who we can't include all in this list.

So we have chosen some of our top favorite Arab fashionistas on social media who have shared some Arabian looks on their accounts. Some of them were wearing stunning abaya designswhile others were wearing some beautiful kaftans and Ramadan outfits.

We love that these modern influencers are sharing their Arabian or traditional Ramadan fashion looks and adding their own modern and unique touches to make their looks more personalized and suitable to their style and personality.

An Arabian look doesn't have to be very traditional, it can be modern and out of the box if styled in an elegant way, and that's why we love the looks these influencers shared with their fans, which we think are perfect Ramadan outfits for the holy month of Ramadan.

From Al Anoud Badr to Fouz Al Fahd (also known as The Real Fouz), we bring you some beautiful Ramadan looks to get inspired by.

Al Anoud BadrAl Anoud Badr 1Al Anoud Badr 2FozazaFozaza 1Fozaza 2Fozaza 3

Al Anoud Badr (Lady Fozaza)

From casual day looks to more formal events take your inspiration from Alanoud Al Badr also known as Lady Fozaza. The Saudi fashionista of a Lebanese mother resides in Dubai and has become one of the most highly sought-after designers and celebrity stylists in the Middle East. She won Best Local Designer 2012 and 2013 at the Grazia Style Awards and was voted Best Dressed 2010 by Harpers Bazaar. She designs abayas, coats, jewelry, and other lines. 

The Real FouzThe Real Fouz 1Fouz Al Fahd

Fouz Al Fahd (The Real Fouz)

Known for her super feminine style, Fouz Al Fahd is the perfect inspiration for those who love a girly and feminine look.

The Fierce NayNadya HasanNadya Hasan

Nadya Hasan (The Fierce Nay)

Nadya Hasan will help you get some inspiration for some more elegant and glamorous looks this Ramadan.

Shahd Al JumailyShahd Al Jumaily 1Shahd Al Jumaily 2

Shahd Al Jumaily

For smart-casual looks that are not only elegant but also very comfortable, take a look at Shahd Al Jumaily's looks.

The HalaThe Hala 1The Hala 2

The Hala

Get some cool and fashionable inspiration from these stunning fashionista.

Rawan Bin HussainRawan Bin HussainRawan Bin Hussain

Rawan Bin Hussain

For a more traditional flare and some perfect Ramadan looks, get inspired by Rawan Bin Hussain.

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