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Your Engagement Dress Inspired by Myriam Fares

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Your Engagement Dress Inspired by Myriam Fares

Lebanese diva Myriam Fares has become one of the most famous superstars in the Middle East and has over 11 million followers on Instagram, let alone the other social media channels. 

Myriam Fares is known for her unique and bold style, she has become a fashion icon in no time, and her fans are always waiting to see her glamorous looks at her concerts or the weddings that she sings at.

The Lebanese singer is always sharing her latest looks on her Instagram account, and she always shares her favorite designers, among them is the talented Lebanese fashion designer Rami Kadi.

If you're having your engagement party soon or attending a wedding, then you must be looking for ideas for evening dresses to look glamourous in. Here is why we are sharing with you some of Myriam's most beautiful looks: