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What Do These Colors Symbolize For Your Wedding

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What Do These Colors Symbolize For Your Wedding

Still can’t decide on a color scheme for your wedding? Since you’re trying to figure out your wedding color, we have made it easier on you to decide by explaining what some colors mean and symbolize when you choose them for your wedding.

So check out these colors and what they actually mean and choose the color that suits you and your wedding best.

White: The most common wedding color. Why? It symbolizes pure love.


Purple: The color of royalty. If you want a rich and sophisticated wedding, purple is the color for you.


Pink: This color reminds us of blush colored cheeks, it means a secret love, even though your love is not a secret anymore, there will always be some secrets just between you two.


Blue: Just like the sky and sea, blue inspires calmness, and symbolizes a calm marriage.


Red: If you’re planning to add a touch of red to your wedding, red symbolizes passion, which makes it an ideal wedding color.


Gold: This rich color means purity, making it also an ideal wedding color.


Silver: Make your wedding sparkle with silver, as it symbolizes modernity and the future.