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Modest Wedding Dresses

For brides who are looking for the most beautiful modest wedding dresses, and brides who want a wedding dress that suits their hijab, here you will find the most stunning modest wedding gowns.

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Brides who are looking for a modest wedding dress no longer have a difficult time finding their dream wedding dress. Now, modest wedding dresses are the latest bridal fashion trend, whether or not you wear Hijab, long sleeved wedding dresses are a timeless and elegant style for every bride.

A hijab wedding dress is a wedding gown designed specifically for Muslim women who wear the hijab. It combines traditional Islamic dress elements with modern bridal fashion trends, catering to both religious and aesthetic preferences.

If you wear Hijab or just want a modest wedding dress, and you're looking for ideas for your bridal look, you can now find beautiful wedding dresses by Arab and International bridal fashion designers.

Designers such as Elie Saab, Reem Acra, and and Naeem Khan, and many others have created beautiful modest wedding gowns that suit a bride who wears the Hijab.

Brides who wear Hijab from around the world are becoming more aware of their style and want to make a statement on their wedding day; they aspire to look elegant and modern at the same time.

The key characteristics of a hijab wedding dress are: 

  • Long and modest: The dress covers the entire body, from the neck to the ankles, adhering to Islamic dress code.
  • Flowing and elegant: The silhouette is often flowing and A-line, with soft fabrics like satin, chiffon, or lace, creating a graceful and elegant look.
  • High neckline: The dress features a high neckline that covers the chest and collarbone, conforming to Islamic modesty.
  • Long sleeves: Sleeves are typically long, covering the arms up to the wrists, ensuring full coverage.

Modest wedding dresses have become a huge trend and brides who wear hijab no longer face a hard time finding their perfect hijab wedding dress, after The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wore a long lace sleeved wedding dress for her wedding. Ever since Kate Middleton walked the aisle, lace wedding dresses with sleeves have become a timeless trend.

Hijab wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the rise of Muslim fashion influencers and designers. They provide Muslim brides with the opportunity to express their individuality and celebrate their faith while adhering to Islamic dress code and looking their best on their special day.

So islamic wedding dresses have now become easy to find in luxury bridal collections.

Modest wedding dresses with sleeves made of chiffon, lace, or tulle are now a classice and timeless style that will not fade away.

If you need some modest wedding dress inspiration we have beautiful and stunning wedding dresses that are perfect for the bride who wears Hijab or the bride whoe is looking for a modest wedding dress.

Browse through beautiful and elegant modest wedding dresses by designers from around the world, and choose your favorite wedding dress without waisting time.