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Beautiful Hijab Wedding Dresses For The Bride of 2019

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Beautiful Hijab Wedding Dresses For The Bride of 2019

Are you celebrating your wedding in 2019? Then you should definitely start looking for your wedding dress! There are so many beautiful wedding dresses and bridal fashion trends that we love in 2018 and 2019. From beautiful capes and coverups to bold jumpsuits and statement wedding dresses. And we are happy to see that over the past few years fashion designers are taking into consideration the modest bride, most of the 2018 and 2019 wedding dresses can be easily worn by a bride who wears a hijab, or the bride who doesn't wear a hijab but wants something a bit more modest or covered.

We previously shared some amazing and stunning bridal fashion trends for you to keep up to date with the top fashion trends when it comes to wedding dresses. Take a look here: The Latest Wedding Dress Trends You Must Check Out. You are sure to find a wedding dress style or a trend that you love and want to include in your bridal look.

2018 has been a great year for the hijab bride, and 2019 will be even more exciting! Because brides who wear hijab are becoming more aware of their bridal looks and are competing to look their best on their wedding day, they are even sharing their hijab bridal looks on their social media channels, and some pictures are going viral. Check out: Beautiful Hijab Wedding Dresses Spotted On Instagram

Choosing the right wedding dress that suits your hijab and the modest look is becoming easier, hijab fashionistas from all around the world are putting hijab fashion on the right track and giving a great image for the modern woman who is stylish yet modest, and you will see hundreds of accounts on social media especially on Instagram doing just that.

there are some bridal fashion trends we noticed that are taking over more than others, and we decided to share our favorite ones with you to give you some inspiration for your hijab bridal look.

Hijab Wedding Dress with Cape

Bridal Capes

Capes have been trending now for the past few years but they are definitely staying in 2019, whether you wear a hijab or not, capes are a great way to add a touch of elegance, modesty, and some drama to your bridal look.



Turbans are now huge trends among women who wear hijab, it is their new take on the traditional hijab, whether it is your style or not, we cannot deny that turbans have been trending for a while now, and more and more brides are wearing them on their wedding day instead of the traditional hijab.

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Turban Bride

Unique Sleeves

This trend will be huge in 2019, many fashion designers such as Amsale and Enzo Miccio have been creating wedding dresses with unique and lovely sleeves to their wedding dress collections, which makes it perfect for the bride who wears a hijab.

Bridal Jumpsuit

Bridal Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are becoming more and more common among brides and we will be seeing a lot of bridal jumpsuits in 2019! Fashion designers have been including them more and more in their wedding dress collections lately, such as fashion designers Naeem Khan and Ines Di Santo. They are also great for brides who wear hijab because you can have a modest bridal jumpsuit that is stylish and modern.

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