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Cyprus Wedding Packages


Are you getting married in Cyprus? If so, then take a look at these Wedding Packages in Cyprus. From Limassol to Paphos and other cities around the island, you will find some great deals and Cyprus wedding packages in this section.

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Are you searching for that special wedding package in Cyprus to book for your upcoming destination wedding?

To help you easily compare between Cyprus wedding packages from various hotels and venues, we are constantly curating wedding packages from various hotels and venues in different cities in Cyprus and listing them in this special section.

With a click of a button you will be able to communicate with these hotels, enquire about any additional detail, if needed, or simply book your preferred wedding venue.

Cyprus wedding package is normally quite detailed. It includes information on the rates to hire the venue for the celebration, cocktail reception or the gala dinner, rates for the different menus, rates for the wedding cakes, and the alcoholic beverages. Wedding gala dinner menus as well as the cocktail reception menus in Cyprus are per person and in Euros. The rates for the wedding cake are per tier. Each tier is normally enough for 15 to 17 persons.

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Take note of the following:

Venue Hire: 

Unlike many wedding venues in the Middle East, you would have to pay separately for the hire of the venue at hotels and venues in Cyprus. So do not assume that the menu rate per person includes the hire of the venue. Make sure to ask about the rates for the venue hire. In a typical hotel, there are several venues to hire e.g. for the ceremony, the cocktail reception, dinner... and each venue will normally have a different rate and different capacity. Some venues are 'adults only', so make sure when booking your wedding venue to exclude those 'adult only' venues if you are inviting families with kids to your wedding, unless you get an exemption from the hotel.

Menu Rates: 

Menu rates for dinners are offered on a 'per person' basis, while rates for a cocktail reception are normally offered by canapé pieces. Venues offer a range of menus to select from based on your budget. Dinner menus do not include beverages, unless it is clearly stated.  

What is a typical Cypriot Traditional Meze? 

A popular choice for weddings in Cyprus is to select a traditional Cypriot Meze which are a variety of small local savory dishes served at the tables. These dishes include dips, salads (eg village salad, eggplant salad....), tahini, grilled or roasted vegetables, potatoes, pickled vegetables and olives, grilled halloumi cheese, Cypriot sausages, meatballs, stuffed vine leaves, Lountza (cured pork tenderloin) and other tasty dishes. 

Following the Meze a Grill Buffet is normally served. This includes meat and chicken dishes. Make sure to ask the hotel to label the pork dishes so your Muslim guests are made aware of that. Vegetarian options are always available at venues in Cyprus.

Is the Wedding Cake part of the menu?

Unlike many hotels in the Middle East, the Wedding Cake is not offered as part of the wedding package at many venues in Cyprus. You would have to order your Wedding Cake separately. Hotels can provide them and normally charge for them based on the number of tiers. Of course, design, size and other factors affect the price.  

How to express interest in these Wedding Packages? 

When you read the details of the wedding packages, and you are interested in booking one, or want to enquire more about any Cyprus Wedding Package 2023, click on Book Now.

You will automatically be connected with the wedding team at that venue to start the conversation. Finalising the wedding package and making the payment will be direct with the wedding venue.