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Are you getting married soon and looking for wedding souvenirs in Abu Dhabi? Find the best wedding giveaways and wedding favors in Abu Dhabi in this directory and connect with them easily.

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Are you getting married soon and looking for wedding souvenirs in Abu Dhabi

If you are looking for wedding giveaways in Abu Dhabi or wedding gift shops in Abu Dhabi to get your favors and giveaways from, then you will find this directory very helpful. It includes many companies that can offer unique wedding favors and personalized wedding favors that you can proudly offer your wedding guests. 

We have a beautiful section on wedding favors to give you loads of inspiration, ideas, and advice. Make sure to visit it. It also offers you ideas on how to select your wedding favors, how to personalize them, and how to save on your wedding favors. 

You can also check some amazing chocolate shops in Abu Dhabi for some delicious favors as well.

Typical wedding favors in the Middle East are chocolate boxes and sugar almonds, however, if you want something unique take a look at the idea in this article which is well in tune with the Arab and Middle Eastern culture: Unique Wedding Favor Ideas: Traditional Oud and Perfume Bottles.

How do you select the right wedding favors for your wedding? How can you make them unique so they do not get thrown away at the end of the night?

Here are 6 tips to help you select your wedding souvenir: 

  1. Wedding favors should be something your wedding guests will enjoy and keep. 
  2. Your wedding favors should go with the overall theme of your wedding.
  3. Make sure you display the wedding favors nicely at your wedding.
  4. Choose favors that express your personalities.
  5. Incorporate some local flavor in your wedding favor.
  6. Select wedding favors that are in season. 

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