10 Balloon Shops in Dubai for Your Wedding

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Dubai Balloons

Many brides and grooms choose to have balloons at their Dubai wedding as balloons are fun, timeless, and can really give a unique touch to any wedding celebration if done right.

Balloons are a fun and creative way to make your wedding unique, and they are considered to be less expensive than flowers and floral arrangements.

If you're getting married in Dubai and looking for the best balloon shops Dubai, we have the perfect list for you.

Balloon decorations Dubai are very creative and can be extravagant as well, many brides choose to have balloon decorations at their wedding entrance or their staircase.

Looking for a balloon store Dubai can take lots of time and effort as the options are endless and there are many party shops around the city. Balloons can also be found at flower shops, chocolate shops, toy shops, and other stores in Dubai. 

So, here are the top party balloon shops in Dubai for you to check out for your wedding or event:


Balloons and More - Dubai

Balloons and More

This place is all about unique and creative designs for both weddings and special events. From one-of-a-kind balloon creations to glamorous wedding accents.

Be My Balloon

Be My Balloon

The first online balloon store in Dubai, where you can easily order the balloons delivered for any occasion and for any amount. Balloons decoration creates a festive mood, gives pleasure to both adults and children! Their site contains a wide range of different balloons: plain latex balloons of different colors, foil balloons with a pattern for any occasion, unique sets of balloons, which will surely make the holiday memorable, the arrangement of balloons, large balloons, and much more. They offer a wide choice of high-quality balloons, convenient service, and fair prices! Also, they are engaged in complex event decoration balloons. Arch and garlands on the front group, wedding decoration, colorful bouquets of balloons to the children's party, the unique arrangement of the balloons - all masterfully fulfill their experienced designers.

Balloons Dubai

The store is an online balloons delivery company owned and managed by Little Bucket Gifts Trading LLC; based in Dubai, selling a unique and wide range of helium balloons, balloon accessories, and much more! They have an efficient delivery system in place to ensure timely deliveries of your purchases.

Other than balloon deliveries, the events division of Balloonsdubai.com specializes in indoor and outdoor balloon decor, balloon sculptures, balloon printing, and organic balloon arches in the UAE.

Happy Bubble Balloons - Dubai

Happy Bubble Balloons

Complementing parties and celebrations since 2015, Happy Bubble Balloons offers a bespoke design service to bring sophisticated balloon creations to your event. Fun and happiness included.

Life in a Balloon - Dubai

Life in a Balloon

Life in a Balloon offers a selection of modern, carefully curated party supplies and balloons to help you enjoy your events.

Party World - Dubai

Party World Dubai

Party World is an all-round party shop that has a wide range of party products and accessories suitable for all ages and occasions.

Party Master - Dubai

Party Master

Party Master provides all party items for events such as Birthdays, Weddings, Company Events and assist room decorations that fits your desired styles.

Party Centre - Dubai

Party Centre

Serving the UAE since 2004 with four Party Centre superstores, two in Dubai and two in Abu Dhabi. Party Centre is one of the largest party superstores in the world that offers the most complete online and In-store selections of party supplies and balloons.

Party Monster

Party Monster Balloons & Party Supplies

At Party Monster, you can choose from a wide range of balloons and party supplies. With over 1000 products in the balloons and party supplies section, they are proud to call themselves the leaders in party shops in Dubai.

Always bringing in the latest fashion in balloons and party supplies to Dubai.

Party Zone

Party Zone

Since 2001, Party Zone has been spreading smiles and making beautiful memories. Whether it's birthdays, baby showers, or anniversaries, they have you covered for all your treasured moments and holidays. With stores across the UAE and through our website, they strive to make your special moments a hassle-free and convenient experience. 

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