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10 Tips for Finding the Best Statement-Making Emerald Rings for Men

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10 Tips for Finding the Best Statement-Making Emerald Rings for Men

Rings are always in high demand for engagements and weddings, but they also make fantastic gifts that make anyone feel special in any situation. However, jewelry talk can be confounding to casual shoppers.   

Most people would only know emeralds for their color. However, buying emerald rings for men will require a bit of research to keep up with terminologies and quality.  

The following list will make finding an emerald ring simple and straightforward:


1- Budget accordingly

The first thing to consider when buying an emerald ring is your budget. Emeralds can be affordable, but many are pricey—some even exceed the price of diamonds. After all, emerald is a rare kind of gem, making it even more prized and cherished.   

Of course, each gem's price will vary depending on the overall quality and the grading, which is next on our list.  

2 - Research the grading system

Jewelers normally grade emeralds using different systems. Emeralds can be graded depending on their overall quality, such as color and brilliance. Of course, the price of each ring depends on the grade of each emerald, too. With that said, here's the grading system:   

  • Natural AAAA (best)  
  • Natural AAA (better)   
  • Natural AA (good)  

3- Consider synthetic emeralds

Now for a more affordable choice, there are synthetic emeralds. These are created in a lab and acquired in an environmentally friendly manner. If you’re working with a tighter budget or have concerns regarding the acquisition of precious gems, there are still plenty of options available to you - thanks to synthetic gems. 

4- Watch out for treated emeralds

Treatments like oil and polymer or prepolymer fillers can bring out a deeper color of the gem and hide any flaws that are present. Your stone may look perfect for a while, but it isn't permanent. A vendor should tell you if treatments were used, and that may guide you to choose a different option.   

5- Don't be ripped off!

Just like any gem, there are also imitation emeralds. These are typically made of colored quartz or plain glass. Make sure you are buying from a reputable vendor, or that you can get your jewelry professionally assessed to assure the quality of the piece.

6- Carats aren’t the end all be all

When it comes to gems, size, or carats, may matter to you, but a ton of carats will never trump high quality, which is why a small natural AAAA emerald will cost more than one that's huge but is of a lower quality.

However, this can also work in your favor if you are working on a budget. There are many beautiful pieces of lower grades with higher carats that may be more appropriately priced for your needs, and many people are dazzled by a large stone. 

7- Carefully assess the color

Emeralds are known for their signature green, making them so beloved throughout history. Here are some things you will want to know when assessing the color of a piece you are considering:

  • Color zoning: the evenness of color. Is the stone the same shade throughout?

  • Tone: Light or darkness. How deep is the shade of this emerald?

  • Hue: Bluish or yellowish hue. As green is a blend of these colors, that means it can veer more towards one end of that spectrum than the other. 

8- Keep an eye on the clarity

‘Inclusions’ are often found in gemstones. These are usually gases, liquids, or other minerals inside the gem. Almost every gemstone will have some inclusions, most of which are not perceptible to the naked eye. However, these inclusions can heavily impact the price of a gemstone, or even its integrity, so keep an eye out for the clarity of your gemstone when making purchases in order to determine if it is being priced accordingly

9- Setting

You can choose a ring with just the emerald, but setting options can make the ring stand out even more. When it comes to emeralds, they pair exquisitely with diamonds—this is because diamonds provide a neutral framing that lets the emerald stand out even more. A halo, three stone, or pave setting would be fantastic for emerald rings.  

10- Metal

Choosing the material for the band of the ring is easy. Silver and yellow gold are definite winners when it comes to emeralds, but they can also coordinate nicely with rose gold.


Emerald rings are versatile and gorgeous statement pieces simply because of their color. But the right combination of color, setting, and brilliance can make a huge difference. Just make sure you get the correct ring size!    

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