16 Amazing Wedding Dessert Ideas

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15 Amazing Wedding Dessert Ideas

When it comes to wedding menus, the wedding dessert table is always the fun part. Not only are there lots of delicious treats to offer your wedding guests celebrating your big day, but you can choose the desserts and decorations that match your wedding theme and color scheme to add a more personalized touch to your wedding.

There are always new ideas, trends, and colors to decide on for a great wedding dessert buffet. If you're a bride who wants a super unique wedding, that will have your wedding guests talk about for a long time, you will love these wedding dessert ideas.

Brides are always looking for the next big thing when it comes to their wedding, especially in the Middle East. Arab brides love to have unique items and details at their weddings; the more unique the better. These days Arab brides are getting very creative when it comes to their wedding chocolates and they love to make them unique and personalized.

Of course, each Arab country differs in terms of the sweets they serve, some countries serve Arabic sweets with syrup, while other countries serve traditional sweets made out of marzipan or nuts. Whether you choose chocolates, cookies, or marzipan sweets, there are so many options for you to choose from. Don't feel like you have to stick to your country's traditional sweets, you can always mix and match different sweets and have them placed nicely on trays or stands.

After all, it is all about how you present your sweets, and how you serve them to your wedding guests. Whether you choose decorated trays, Plexi stands, or any other creative idea you come up with, just be sure that the decorations and presentation go with your overall wedding theme and colors.

Your wedding guests will be dancing and celebrating your marriage all night, it is only normal to let them indulge in some wedding sweets! Once the wedding cake and the main dinner menu have been set, it is time to choose your desserts.

Remember to take into consideration the colors and style of the desserts, what are the flavors you want to have, and how many kids do you want on the table. 

If you are still confused about what you should serve, we have compiled some delicious dessert ideas that we loved to share with you and help you choose the sweets you want to serve at your wedding.

Push Pop CakesPush Pop Cakes

Push Pop Cakes

Not only do they look pretty, but they taste delicious and are so practical!

Push pop cakes are containers that are filled with layers of cake, cream, and frosting. You need to push the cake from the bottom to eat it.

You can either serve your push pop cakes during the wedding or give them to your wedding guests as wedding favors.

Forzen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt

If you and your groom are big fans of frozen yogurt, we suggest you include it in your wedding’s dessert menu. Your guests will definitely love it!

"Refreshing Desserts For Your Summer Wedding".

Gilded Wedding DessertsGold Wedding DessertsGilded Wedding Desserts 1

Gilded Desserts

Gold leaves are being seen more and more on wedding desserts, and we are seeing edible metallic touches being added to different kinds of desserts to make them pop and look more luxurious.



f you haven’t heard of Friands yet, we are glad to introduce you to this tasty and unique dessert!

Friands are very popular in Australia and are becoming more and more popular in the UK, and other parts of the world. 

What are Friands?  A Friand is a small French cake made using ground almonds and melted butter. Other ingredients include icing sugar, egg whites, and flour. A Friand is often mistaken for a muffin, but the ground almonds make them a bit more substantial than a regular muffin. 

Why are Friends perfect for a wedding? Because wedding guests love the small bite-sized desserts and love the variety of flavors, fillings, and toppings.

So why not include these delicious treats at your wedding? Whether it’s at your dessert table or individually served for each guest, we are sure everyone will love these tasty treats.

Meringue DessertsMeringue Desserts 1Meringue Desserts 2Meringue Desserts 3Meringue Desserts 4


Meringues are very delicious French sweets made from whipped egg whites and icing sugar. Meringues not only taste delicious, but they also look so pretty, and will add a beautiful touch to your wedding!

Macaroon PopsDoughnuts PopsPie Pops

Dessert Pops

The cake pop trend has been in the center of attention at weddings and special events for the past few years, but what about other foods and desserts? Pops are a great and easy way to present food to your wedding guests without any hassle.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Pie Pops
  • Macaroon Pops
  • Watermelon Pops
  • Rice Crispies Pops
  • Doughnut Pops
NougatNougat 1


Treat your guests with delicious nougat confections. Nougats are made with sugar or honey, roasted nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, and macadamia nuts are common), whipped egg whites.

Banana Mad Hatters

Banana Mad Hatters

These tiny bites are not only delicious, but they can also be used as wedding favors as they could come wrapped in elegant boxes. 

Cookies and MilkCookies and Milk 1Cookies and Milk 2

Cookies and Milk

Cookies and milk are a great treat and can be presented to your wedding guests as a midnight snack, choose different flavors of cookies and milk as well and don't forget you can have 2 in 1 a cookie cup and fill it with milk, your guests will love this idea.

Sweet PopcornPopcorn

Sweet Popcorn

A classic treat that everyone will love, you can have one flavor such as caramel popcorn given to your guests or have an entire popcorn stand with different flavors.

Turkish DelightTurkish Delight 1

Turkish Delight

A popular sweet treat especially in the Middle East you can have them served on their own or with plain tea biscuits, delicious!

Doughnut WallDoughnut Wall 1DoughnutsDoughnut Tower


Most people love doughnuts and don't mind having them as a treat; they are delicious, affordable, and pretty looking.

One popular trend we have seen over the past few years is the doughnut wall! Not only do doughnut walls look delicious, but they are also easy to make. All you need to do is add some nails into a board of your choice and hang the doughnuts the way you want.

Jello DessertsJello Desserts 1Jello Desserts 2


If you and your husband love Jell-O, or simply want a new idea to present to your wedding guests, Jell-O is a great idea to add to your wedding desserts.

It doesn’t have to be served in boring and traditional ways, instead think out of the box and come up with creative ways to present Jell-O to your wedding guests.

Marzipan FruitsMarzipan Fruits 1

Marzipan Fruits

Marzipan fruits are a great way to serve something sweet at your engagement party or to your wedding guests.

You can also decorate your wedding cake with marzipan fruits, include them in your dessert or candy buffet and give them as wedding favors to show appreciation to your wedding guests.

Whether it is your wedding cake or your wedding favors, marzipan fruits can be included in many of your wedding details.



Cupcakes might be a classic choice but they are also popular, practical, and a crowd-pleaser, what we love about cupcakes is that they can be used in so many different ways, whether added to your dessert buffet, presented as wedding favors, or even replacing the wedding cake, you can't go wrong with cupcakes.

Arabic Details

Arabic Details

Many Arab brides like the idea of adding some Arabic desserts and details to their weddings, whether it is by adding a cake topper in Arabic or including an Arabic flavor, ask your cake baker how you can add an Arabic touch to your wedding cake and dessert.

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