Arabic Sweets on Your Wedding Menu

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Arabic Sweets on Your Wedding Menu

Who said that the only sweet treat at a wedding is the wedding cake? On the contrary, there are so many different sweets and dessert ideas you should include at your wedding dessert table.

Is there any Arab who doesn’t like Baklava or Knafeh? The Arabic culture is rich with heritage and tradition, and food is a very important component of it. The diversity of Arabic sweets across Arab countries is huge, and no celebration is complete without at least a couple of Arabic sweets on the menu.

Serving Arabic sweets at your wedding needs some consideration. Here are a few pointers:  

The Size

When you are serving these kinds of sweets: Baklava, Barazek, Ghraybeh, Namoura, Osmallieh, Znoud al Sit, Burma or Basma go for the mini size. Mini portions that can go in just one bite are ideal. 


Don’t use the disposable containers they come in, or the tins, not even the stainless steel trays. Rearrange Arabic sweets in the same dessert plates you are using at your wedding, whether it is glass, silver, china, tiered plates, or fancy bowls. It is always nice to use doilies on the flat serving plates or trays.


Serve the milk and cream-based Arabic desserts like Muhallabiyeh and Ruz bi Haleeb in individual mini glasses and top with pistachios and other garnishes. Ask the pastry chef to come up with creative ideas to serve and display other types of Arabic desserts.


As most Arabic sweets are coated with sugar syrup, they attract more insects! So make sure they are wrapped well and are only uncovered when the dessert buffet is open.


Whilst it’s good to be creative and attentive to portion sizes, display, and, of course, taste, a Knafeh remains a Knafeh that is served in its large stainless steel tray. Having a live Kanafeh station that is freshly made during the wedding is always a favorite of wedding guests. 

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