A Macaroon Wedding Theme

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A Macaroon Wedding Theme

If you have a sweet tooth for macaroons, then why not include these delicate French desserts at your wedding? Beautiful macaroons are one of the current 'sweet' crazes. 

A macaron or French macaroon is a sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, ground almond and food colouring. The macroons are sandwiched together with whipped cream that are tinted and flavored in many different flavors. 

There are many ways of using macaroons at your wedding than just having them at the dessert table. If you are a macaroon lover and love everything about this sweet treat, then why not let these delicious and pretty French macaroons be the inspiration behind your wedding theme?

There are so many different and creative ways to include them in your bridal shower or wedding, as wedding favors, wedding buffet, or other details.

Take a look at these pretty ideas for your wedding right here.