3 Things You Should Never Say to Newlyweds

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3 Things You Should Never Say to Newlyweds

We previously shared with you a list of things you should not say to a bride-to-be.

But what about newlyweds? There are a few things you should never say, and forever hold your peace.

Things gone wrong: Newlyweds do not want to hear about what went wrong at their wedding, at least not till a few months after.

Baby Talk: Mothers and mothers-in-law, try not to start nagging on your children to have babies as soon as they get married.

Old Flames: "I always thought you would end up with…" "I thought you would always want to marry someone taller…" Whether it is a specific person or just a different type, the bride and groom don’t want to hear about the expectations you once had for them.