3 Train Journeys to Experience On Your Honeymoon

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3 Train Journeys to Experience On Your Honeymoon

If you’re planning on visiting more than one place during your honeymoon trip, then travelling by train is perfect for you!

When travelling always remember that the journey is a big part of your travel experience.

What is great about travelling by train is that you get to visit a few spots before you reach to your destination.

Here are 3 amazing train journeys that we recommend any couple to take on their honeymoon:

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express: The route will take you to several cities in Europe from London to Istanbul.  You can visit Paris, Istanbul, Venice and other cities and spend 5 nights in each city.


Eastern & Oriental Express: Want to visit the Far East? This train will help you cover Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.


The Blue Train: This train’s route is between Pretoria and Cape Town in South Africa.


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