4 Great Tips for A Perfect Wedding Bouquet

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4 Great Tips for A Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Planning for a wedding ceremony may prove to be overwhelming and stressful because of all the details that you need to be on top of. Aside from the gowns and suits of your entourage, as well as the food that will be served to your guests on your special day, you also need to think about the decor and theme of your venue, and of course, how your bouquet will look. Flower Company, the best wedding florist in Toronto, has some ideas and tips for that perfect wedding bouquet.

Consider the Size of the Bouquet

One of the things that you need to think about to have a perfect wedding bouquet is its size. While most brides seem to have a notion that a bigger bouquet is better, there are instances wherein this is inapplicable. In this case, it is a good idea to consider your body frame.

For instance, if you have a petite body frame, then a large bouquet may overwhelm your size, even hiding the beauty of your wedding dress. Large bouquets also tend to be heavy, which can strain your wrists.

Kim Gemayel chose the perfect bouquet for her body frame and wedding dress, click here to see more of this lost wonderland wedding!

Think About the Color and Texture of the Bouquet

Another factor that you need to consider coming up with the perfect wedding bouquet is the color and texture that you want to achieve. Some brides go for a monochrome bouquet, while others prefer to play with contrasting hues.

Flowers from the same family also tend to produce a softer texture while greatly varying flowers not only provide more contrast in color but in texture too. In this case, you need to consider the theme of your wedding to ensure that your bouquet will complement it.

For her wedding in Istanbul, Miriam chose a beautiful wedding bouquet with lots of texture, see more pictures of this beautiful wedding here!

What Type of Flower Should You Use?

There are several types of flowers that you can use for your bouquet, but the key is in choosing the perfect ones that will stand out. There are those that prove to be inexpensive, which are best if you are working on a budget, but don’t be scared to choose expensive blooms to accentuate your bouquet as well.

You also have the option of using “look-alike” flowers that are very much similar to exquisite ones, at a more affordable price.

Check out Iman's timeless wedding bouquet for her wedding in Lebanon, the bride chose baby breath which is inexpensive but still very beautiful and timeless!

Customized Design

Finally, you also need to consider the specific design that you want your bouquet to have. You can either go with the bouquet that your entourage will have, but you can also opt to stand out and have your bouquet different from the rest. It can also be that even with a common theme, the bouquet that your entourage will carry will be much simpler than your bouquet for your bouquet to stand out. It is your wedding after all.

Once you have all the factors stated above carefully considered, you can proceed to create your wedding bouquet on your own. This is a great venture because you will be able to get your creative juices flowing as you design your own bouquet.

But if you are pressed with time, you may want to work with the best wedding florist in Toronto to ensure that the bouquet you have in mind will be delivered accordingly. In case you are having your wedding in Canada, you will effortlessly find the perfect florist who can come up with your bouquet. Some of the best wedding florists in the Land of the Maple Leaf are listed below.

Some of the Best Wedding Florists in Canada

Flower Company

One of the best characteristics of a great florist is that they provide a rich collection of available flowers for you to choose from. According to the seasoned floral designers behind the Flower Company, the best wedding florist in Toronto, various flower options will help you be at par with the latest trends that can help you come up with the perfect bouquet. This is what makes them one of the best florists in town, plus they can work with the budget that you have too.

Creations by Gitta

With over 25 years of experience in floral design, Creations by Gitta will also be able to help you come up with the perfect bouquet for your wedding day. Many consider them the best wedding florist in Toronto because aside from fresh blooms, they can also accentuate your bouquet with various props that will make it stand out, but still cohesive with your theme. The best part is that they can also design your reception venue.

Gatto Flowers

Gatto Flowers provides fresh-cut florals that can surely transform not only your bouquet but your entire wedding venue as well. Their experienced professionals will help you transform the bouquet that you have in mind into a reality because that’s what you should expect from the best wedding florist in Toronto. They can also provide sound advice on how you can make your bouquet work for you and compliment not only your frame but your dress too.

Imperial Flower Shop

Imperial Flower Shop only leverages the freshest and the finest blooms to ensure that not only will you have a good-looking bouquet, but you will have a long-lasting one too. One might consider them the best wedding florist in Toronto mostly because they have a variety of flowers that are available for their perusal which allows them to create intricate and exquisite designs that suit their clients. They can even arrange the floral centerpieces at your wedding venue to ensure a cohesive theme for your ceremony.

Pop-Up Flower Shop

Pop-up Flower Shop doesn’t only cater to weddings, but they can accommodate floral arrangements for other occasions too. What might make them the best wedding florist in Toronto is their mobile cart that offers a unique flower bar service that is quite new and innovative in the floral industry. They also hold training and workshops that can help you in case you want to design your bouquet on your own.

In conclusion, make sure to think about certain factors that will make your bouquet perfect for your wedding, such as its size, color and texture, types of flowers that you want to incorporate, as well as the specific design that you have in mind. All these will have an impact on the end design of your bouquet. As much as possible, work with the best florists in your locality to ensure that you tick one thing off in your wedding checklist.

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