5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Wedding in Georgia

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5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Wedding in Georgia

Do you dream of a cozy destination wedding in a truly unique place? This mysterious country is located between Europe and Asia, so wedding guests flying in from any part of the world will get there without any difficulty.

Georgia combines a huge variety of beautiful landscapes. Snow-capped mountains are adjacent to bright green valleys, hills covered with tropical forests descend onto the rocky coast of the Black Sea, and spacious steppes bordered with mountain valleys are located among mirror-clear lakes.

The hospitality of the local people in Georgia knows no boundries, let alone the tasty Georgian cuisine; people come to Georgia from all around the world for a unique experience. Impressed already?

You don’t need to spend a lot of time researching and collecting information on having a destination wedding in Georgia, wouldn't you rather entrust the organization of your celebration to professionals like Ori Wedding Agency? Hospitable Georgia is waiting for you! 

Here are 5 more reasons why you should choose Georgia for your destination wedding:

1) Simple and Easy

Georgia is considered one of the few countries in Europe where marriage registration is a very easy and fast process. In Georgia, you can get an official marriage certificate just in one day! When you decide on the date of your wedding, just send an email with color scans of your passports to an agency like Ori Wedding Agency. This will be enough for them to start the process for your wedding in Georgia.

If you are planning a cozy wedding for two, we recommend you to choose one of the registry offices in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, for the civil ceremony. The official registration of your marriage will take no more than 40 to 60 minutes. The agency will need another 2 to 4 weeks to legalize the marriage certificate for your country. After that, they will just send the completed documents to you by registered mail anywhere in the world.

Other documents that may also be needed:

  • If you have a residency permit in the UAE: Clear and color scans of the document.
  • If you have previously been married or have a common minor child: Clear scans of a copy of the divorce certificate, scans of a copy of the birth certificate of a child, which must be legalized and certified by a notary.
  • Clear scans of the passports of 2 witnesses. If only the two of you will be at the wedding, no problem, the agency will provide witnesses.

2) Georgia is Budget-Friendly

Visitors from the Middle East have easy access to Georgia, for example, there are 2 daily direct flights from Dubai to Tbilisi. 

Such a flight will cost you considerably less than flights to other countries: Tickets for 2 are from $300. The flight will take 3 and a half hours, and you can get to the center of Tbilisi from the airport in just half an hour.

You don’t need to apply for a visa to travel to Georgia: Residents of most countries can stay in Georgia for a year without registration.

Those who decide to hold a wedding in Georgia will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable prices for services are when compared to other countries. For example, official registration in Tbilisi with further legalization of all documents for couples from the UAE, for eample, costs from $420, and a wedding dinner for two in one of Tbilisi's restaurants from $90.

3) Leisure-Friendly

Even if you go to Georgia to only register a marriage and get the documents, do not deny yourself the pleasure of getting to know this ancient country closer. After registering in Tbilisi, for example, it is possible to arrange a photoshoot on the narrow streets of the old city. The city was built in the 5th century and preserves the history of many nations who  inhabitied it. Multi-colored facades of historical buildings stretch along cobbled streets, and next to the famous sulfur baths you will find a real waterfall in the very heart of the city!

The ancient capital of the Georgian kingdom, the city of Mtskheta, is located just 5 kilometers from Tbilisi: Visit it if you want to feel the history of the country. By the way, next to Mtskheta, in Jvari Monastery, you will witness a unique natural phenomenon; you will see how two rivers merge into one, preserving their colors. This is a favorite place for guests of Georgia for photoshoots.

For those couples who dream to recite the vows in the open air, we suggest considering the option of onsite registration. Georgia is a real treasure in a variety of locations where you can say these most important words to each other.

Mountains are the greatest wealth of the country. All over the world, Georgia is famous for its mountains, one of the highest in Europe. Just a couple of hours from the capital, you will find yourself among these majestic giants. You will feel closer to the sky, and since marriages are concluded in heaven, there is no better place! Gudauri and Kazbegi regions offer a large selection of comfortable hotels for any budget. Imagine how unforgettable your wedding day will be if you start it in such a magical place! If you decide on a wedding in the mountains, it is better to plan it for the warm season, from May to September.

The western region of the country is washed by the Black Sea. Here you don’t have to make a difficult choice between the sea and the mountains, because Batumi, the capital of this region, is surrounded by the mountains, the sea, and the forest. Hold a ceremony at sunset on the rocky sea coast, under the sound of waves, and for a photoshoot go to Batumi Botanical Garden, which contains a unique collection of rare flowers and plants.

In the east of the country, there is the warmest and most fertile region of Georgia, Kakheti. This region is famous primarily for its ancient winemaking culture. The traditional Georgian method of producing wine in “kvevri” clay jugs is recognized by UNESCO as an intangible asset, and Georgia itself is officially named as the cradle of winemaking. Here you can conduct field registration, for example, in a Georgian castle located in the Kvareli mountains or on the shore of a mirror lake framed by mountain peaks.

It is important to note that if you choose the official registration in one of these regions, you need to send Ori Wedding Agency, a legalized and notarized power of attorney in the name of your wedding planner.

4) People-Friendly

Georgian cuisine is the main asset of the country. It has a great variety of dishes for any tastes and preferences. The fertile lands of Georgia supply tables of local people and guests of the country with fresh vegetables and fruits all year round. Traditional Georgian cuisine offers a large selection of vegetarian dishes, so people who adhere to certain food preferences will have a lot to enjoy at a wedding dinner. Besides, several places in Tbilisi serve dishes prepared according to all the requirements of the Halal tradition.

The hospitality of the Georgians is known throughout the world. It isn’t a coincidence that one of the Georgian proverbs says: “A guest is the messenger of God”. Everyone here considers it a duty to show their hospitality to the guest, to accept him or her as the dearest and most long-awaited one. No matter what region of the country you are in, the warmth and generosity of Georgians will not leave you indifferent.

The cultural traditions of Georgia are more than two thousand years old. For example, Georgian national polyphonic singing is recognized as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Traditional Georgian dances have also long gone beyond the borders of the country and gather a huge number of spectators around the world. All this can become a wonderful and unusual accompaniment to your wedding celebration.

5) Climate-Friendly

In Tbilisi there is practically no bad season for a wedding. From May to September the average temperature doesn’t fall below 25°C. You can easily choose a convenient time for your wedding in this wide interval. The best months to have a wedding in Georgia are April, June, and September.

If you are planning a wedding outside the city, in the mountains or at the Black Sea, then it is better to choose the summer months. Also, there are 280 sunny days a year in the eastern region of Kakheti. This is the warmest region of Georgia and one of the most favorite places for couples to hold a destination wedding. Since you will be in the highlands, you can also enjoy the cool mountain air. 

Whether you are planning a quiet and cozy registration to legitimize your marriage or want to celebrate this momentous event on a grand scale, you will find a place that suits your preferences in Georgia. Now you have an agency that is ready to make all your dreams come true, solve any issue with documents, and plan your beautiful celebration in Georgia.

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