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6 Easy But Memorable Groomsmen Gift Ideas

6 Easy But Memorable Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Couples planning to get married usually have a long checklist when preparing for their most special day. From wedding flowers to the venue and food, there are many things that need to be taken care of. And one significant element on the list is to shop for the perfect gift for your groomsmen. 

It's safe to say that buying your bridesmaids gifts seems easier, considering how women’s gift ideas are more diverse and saturated. While there are also a lot of unique and useful gift ideas for groomsmen, it can take up your and your partner’s time if you’re unsure of your options.  

Make your groomsmen gift shopping easier by considering the following gift ideas: 

key case

1. Key Case

Every man brings a set of keys wherever they go. From their car to house keys, these tiny metals take up space in their bag or pockets. If you want to gift your groomsmen something that can hold these keys together in a more organized manner, a key case is a wonderful gift idea. Made from sturdy materials such as carbon or metal steel plates, they can hold any kind or design of keys your guy friends have.  

This key case has an enclosure to protect your keys’ original shape and form. They also come with a minimalist and modern design, making them appear like a usual manly accessory. To use the key, they have to remove the keys from the case and put it back again when not in use. Using this handy key case, your groomsmen can get rid of having many keys get into friction with one another.

leather cigar case

2. Leather Cigar Case

Among your group of guy friends, some, if not all of them, would smoke occasionally or every day. Hence, a traveling leather cigar case is a great gift idea for them. No matter where they go, they can bring this case to store their favorite smoking fix.  

Make sure your groomsmen have time to pack their favorite cigars before attending your destination wedding. The moment you distribute this groomsmen gift, they’ll find it useful and keep their cigars securely in this case. 

Whiskey Glasses

3 Customized Whiskey Glasses

Another fantastic groomsmen gift idea is customized whiskey glasses. Men love to drink whiskey and hard drinks after a long tiring day at work. Your groomsmen would appreciate you customizing these glasses and leaving their names on them to brand them as their own.  

Fortunately, gift stores and custom shops today offer numerous selections of whiskey glasses that can be printed with your groomsmen’s name. You can include any of their favorite quotes, words, or a friendship memory you share. This is a special gift that they’ll surely cherish.


4. Custom Pocket Knives

Gifts for groomsmen should be unique but useful at the same time. Giving them pocket knives for every occasion will surely fit these two criteria. To find the most unique pocket knives, ensure to purchase high-quality and durable ones online. You can find knives that knife makers handcraft.  

You can have their names engraved on the knife covering to elevate their uniqueness. Any of your groomsmen will find this tool useful because they can carry them when they travel, go on hikes, or do any outdoor activities. 


5. Leather Wallet With Initials

Every man needs a strong and long-lasting leather wallet as one of their daily accessories. This means it’s ideal for preparing this item as a groomsmen gift. Choose a good-quality leather wallet and have their initials engraved into the interiors. Go for a wallet with many pockets for cards and paper bills. A brown leather wallet looks elegant and fits any man of any age.  

Sunglasses for Groomsmen

6. Sunglasses

This next item on the list is something that every man would use, especially those that frequently go outdoors. Whether your buddy loves to hang out by the beach, travel to sunny areas, or simply commute to work, they can use stylish sunglasses to make them look more handsome. Sunglasses are classic and timeless groomsmen gift ideas. 

Besides looking great on everyone, these sunglasses will help your groomsmen protect their eyes from harmful UV rays. If you’re holding an intimate outdoor wedding ceremony, you can allow all your groom entourage to wear these sunglasses. They would be great props for your pictorials as well.


Shopping for the best groomsmen gift isn’t as difficult as you expect if you follow through with the gift ideas above. While they may already own some of these items, customizing them is a good upgrade to their old ones. Remember that no matter what you and your partner pick, your guy friends will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

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