How to Plan an Intimate Outdoor Wedding

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How to Plan an Intimate Outdoor Wedding

Small and outdoor weddings are trending this year and it looks like this will be the case next year as well, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and government restrictions placed on social gathering and the size of social events. Generally, an intimate wedding has guests between 20 and 75.

The global pandemic and social-distancing policies have effectively ruled out large gatherings, this is why many couples are planning on having very small, intimate outdoor weddings to celebrate their marriage in 2020. We believe that weddings will be downsized for the next couple of years.

Many couples have embraced this situation and held a micro wedding at home, and some took pictures while wearing their face masks. Other couples took the opportunity of staying at home to plan their future wedding, here are some amazing tips to help you out!

If you are planning on having an intimate outdoor wedding soon, then make sure it is a meaningful and beautiful one. And remember to always look on the bright side, as many big weddings don't have much of a personal or romantic feel to them, but with an intimate wedding you can really show off your personalities and love to each other surrounded by close family members and friends.

Get inspired by this beautiful outdoor summer wedding that took place in a private villa in the Jordan Valley, south of Amman.


We love how detailed these banquet table designs are that were setup for a charming wedding that took place in Lebanon at Le Jardin Du Mzaar, in Kfardebian.


For smaller weddings, don't skip the overall ambiance and decor and just focus on the table setup, make sure you make the entire venue look beautiful and charming, just like this stunning outdoor rustic wedding in Lebanon.


Here are some additional tips to help you plan the perfect initimate outdoor wedding: 


Plan The Perfect Intimate Outdoor Wedding

  • The Backup Plan: If you are not 100% sure of the weather, whether it’s going to rain or not, have a pretty tent or an indoor location prepared as a backup plan.


  • Give Your Guests a Heads Up: If the location is all grass, let your guests know so that they wear comfortable or “lawn friendly” shoes. To make it easier on everyone add a note with your invitation cards, or distribute heel stoppers to the ladies at the entrance. 


  • Your Wedding Dress Will Get Dirty: Whether you like it or not you can’t avoid your wedding dress getting dirty at an outdoor wedding, so enjoy your day and don’t make a fuss about it, remember you can always send it to the dry cleaners.


  • The Bathrooms: Make sure the venue has functional bathrooms nearby, or invest in rental ones. Whatever you do, make sure you have bathrooms at the location.


  • The Guest List: Remember that a small wedding means a short guest list, so start off with your close family members and best friends, until you reach the limit you set.


  • Personalize: Since it is a small wedding then it means a smaller budget, you can use some money to make your wedding more personal and luxurious. For example, have your wedding favors personalized with each of the guests' names.


Intimate Outdoor Wedding Design

  • Having a smaller wedding doesn't mean a less charming wedding. We believe that you need to hire a wedding planner, even if it is a micro wedding, because every bride needs all the help she can get.


  • Make every detail special; having a smaller wedding means you can splurge on more details and decor items, for example, embroidered napkins, silver cutlery or fancy table cloths.


  • Cover the entire space, don't focus only on the tables, make sure you have the right lighting, fabrics, and all other details to create the perfect ambiance.


  • The style of tables style choose make a big difference, you can, of course, stick with traditional and separate tables, but why not consider having one huge banquet table for all your wedding guests to sit at and mingle? We are all for that!


  • Make your wedding invitations personal, or skip the invitations all together and call each guest personally to invite them to your intimate wedding.

Image: From a wedding photo shoot in Dubai. See: A Bold Outdoor Wedding Photo Shoot in Dubai.

Take a look at more initimate outdoor wedding designs below. 

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