8 Wedding Gift Ideas

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8 Wedding Gift Ideas

As a wedding guest, you’re not only limited to simply dressing up in your best attire, showing up for the ceremony, and going home with some of the party favors as soon as you’re done eating. Regardless of what type of relationship you have with the bride, the groom, or both of them, it’s always best to put some thought and effort into giving a lovely wedding gift for the couple. 

Finding the best wedding gift is not a simple walk in the park, especially since each married couple has different likes and preferences. Even if you know either of the bride or the groom, you are not anymore gifting for one, but two. That means your gift has to be something that both of them will love, use, and keep for a long time.  

Perhaps some of you may think that couples who’ve lived together before the wedding already have everything they need for their home. But the thing is, wedding gifts are not limited to kitchen tools or dinner plates. You can be as artistic as you want on how you show your best wishes for the couple. If you need some help in that part, here’s a list of eight wedding gift ideas that you can wrap for the newlyweds:

1. Customized Door Mat

If the wedding couple is on the hunt for bridesmaids and groomsmen gift ideas, wedding guests like you are also in pursuit of getting them the best wedding gift. To make it easier, why not give them something personalized? The best thing about personalized gifts is it provides a more significant meaning for the couple. For instance, you can gift them a custom doormat with their newly-joined last name printed on it or any welcome message. This is an excellent way to symbolize that they’re now about to start a new life journey together.

2. Monogrammed Glass Set

Another gift that can help the couple start their married life on the right foot is by giving them a personalized drinking glass set. You can have these glasses monogrammed for an even more elegant presentation. You can present these as an early wedding gift so the couple can use these during the reception. Not only can the couple use this at their wedding, but they can also use them to share a toast for every holiday, event, or anniversary celebration in the future.

3. Embroidered Bathrobes

Typically, the newlywed couple is set to travel to celebrate their honeymoon. You can gift them something that they can totally use together on their honeymoon such as matching embroidered bathrobes. Regardless of which beach, resort, country, or island they decide to spend this occasion in, the bathrobes will perfectly come in handy. Plus, it’s functional, so they can use it daily at home. 

4. Coffee Cup Set

These may be among the typical wedding gifts but, remember, you can never go wrong with the classics. This gift is perfect for couples who can’t live without a cup of coffee in the morning. To make your coffee cup or coffeee mug set standout from the rest, have it personalized by putting their names on it or a catchy quote about their union and marriage.

5. Personalized White Wood Plaque

This is probably one of the loveliest things you can gift to a newlywed couple. You can have their wedding date carved in a white wood plaque. You can also add their newly joined last names at the bottom. Make sure to let a professional create this for a polish and elegant finish. They’ll surely cherish such a unique gift and won’t hesitate to display it in their master bedroom, living room or the entrance.

6. Foam Mattress Topper

If you want to talk about long-lasting functionality, you can give the newlyweds a new foam mattress topper to make sure they enjoy a peaceful and cozy sleep together. Buying them a whole new bed may be too costly and too grand, so this one is a better alternative.

7. Personalized Pushpin World Map

If the newlyweds are a pair of wanderlust couples who love to travel, why not give them something close to their favorite hobby? You can give them a personalized world map, which they can display in their living room and place a pushpin on every country they’ve been to. Since it’s personalized, don’t forget to have their names or last names printed on the map to remind them that they shared those adventures together.

8. Wedding Vow Keepsake

Another sweet and valuable wedding gift you can give to the couple is a keepsake of their wedding vows. You can ask for a copy of their wedding vows and have those printed and placed in a beautiful frame. This will serve as a reminder about their special day and the vows and promises they made for each other.

Best Wishes!

Are you shopping for a perfect and memorable wedding gift? Aside from the couple’s wedding gift registry, these ideas above can help you have a good head start in picking the ideal wedding gift. No matter how huge or small your gift is, it’s the thought and effort that count for them. The newlyweds will indeed be touched as you did not only celebrate one of the best moments of their life with them, but you also gave them a gift to commemorate your best wishes and appreciation for the couple.

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