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Beautiful Engagement Trays You Will Love

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Beautiful Engagement Trays You Will Love

Your engagement is only the beginning of your pre-wedding parties and events leading to your wedding day. Once a bride gets engaged she starts looking for some engagement dress ideas, and after you find the perfect engagement dress for you, you start planning for your engagement party.

Bride to be is always super excited to have everything unique for their wedding and engagement.

One of the little details but also very important is your engagement tray.

Most Arab countries know what is an engagement tray, and what it is used for.

You can also see some beautiful ideas for kosha designs right here!

An engagement tray is a decorated tray with pretty glasses for the bride and groom, sometimes a decorated fork for the cake and even a place for the engagement rings to be placed on the tray.

You can be as creative as you want with your engagement tray, so we decided to bring you some unique ideas to decorate your engagement tray.