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Beautiful Eucalyptus Ideas for Your Spring Wedding

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Beautiful Eucalyptus Ideas for Your Spring Wedding

It looks like brides and wedding planners can't get enough of nature-inspired wedding decor and greenery! 

One wedding trend is using Eucalyptus instead of traditional wedding flowers. 

Eucalyptus gives a lush and fresh touch to any setting, and you can easily add some florals to them for a pop of color.

Since greenery and nature-inspired wedding decor is becoming more and more popular, Eucalyptus is the perfect element to use for your spring wedding decor.

Not only you can use Eucalyptus in your wedding centerpieces, but also in your bridal bouquet, on your wedding cake, and through other elements of your wedding decorations.

Here are some beautiful​ ways you can include Eucalyptus in your wedding decor: