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Beautiful Ideas for Wedding Centerpieces

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Beautiful Ideas for Centerpieces

A bride-to-be dreams of the perfect wedding, no matter what your style is you want it to be perfect and nothing less than you expected. Some brides dream of an over-the-top glamorous wedding with statement wedding centerpieces ideas.

We decided to bring you some of the most beautiful and unique wedding centerpiece ideas, from traditional flowers, glamorous and over-the-top centerpieces, to fruits or edible centerpieces, and more, you will find many great wedding centerpieces ideas.

You can always get inspired by real and luxury weddings taking place in the Middle East, as these weddings are not only breathtaking, they are always planned by the most talented wedding planners and florists.

Take a look at these stunning wedding centerpieces we have for you.

Sicilian Wedding in AmmanFruits CenterpiecesFruits Centerpieces 1Fruits Centerpieces 2


Using fruits can make for very attractive centerpieces. Apples or peaches in glass containers or carved fruit can all make striking centerpieces for tabletops.

Combine this with the floating candle idea for a beautiful look! Simply fill glass containers with different kinds of fruit, fill them with water, and place a floating candle on top! This is a really cute idea for wedding centerpieces and stands out from the traditional flowers.

A heap of apples or a bag of oranges can be converted into organic wedding décor that’s good enough to eat! 

Filling tall vases with fruit adds a dramatic effect to a simple arrangement that uses local greenery and tree branches.

If you’re a bride on a budget, using large containers for centerpieces is a great way to achieve the look you love. Make it affordable by renting the large clear vases or containers, or make them yourself out of plexiglass. Fill with lemons, limes, or oranges, and use local vegetation in place of flowers.

There is a wide range of spring and summer fruits to select from that come in vibrant and fresh colors that are sure to leave your guests impressed with this idea. You can combine fruits with florals and foliage for a more dramatic effect, or use a variety of different fruits on their own. 

When paired with lush flowers, fresh fruit can enrich a wedding centerpiece’s natural design and scent and capture each blossom’s beauty. Fruits can also add texture and accentuate your colors, whether by layering, contrasting, or blending with the hues of the petals.

Pomegranates, berries, and cherries can work well with red, purple, and fuchsia roses for shades of romance and are best used with vintage and Greco roman wedding themes. Grapes, green or dark red, can be added to many floral centerpieces. 

Citrus fruits, weather lemons or oranges, add freshness and vividness to centerpieces when mixed with white blooms and green petals. Kiwis work well with green grapes in flower arrangements.

Get inspired by these beautiful Lemon wedding centerpieces spotted at a Sicilian-themed wedding in Amman!

Ice Sculpture CenterpieceIce Sculpture Centerpiece 1Ice Sculpture Centerpiece 2

Ice Sculptures

If you are looking for a different idea for your wedding centerpiece that goes along with any color scheme, this is it. An ice sculpture centerpiece that can be carved in any shape or size you like.

We have been seeing ice sculptures on dinner buffets at leading hotels for some time now, but they have only recently been used (at least in this part of the world) as centerpieces on tables at weddings and other special occasions. You will certainly impress your guests with the crystal clear ice carvings, sitting gracefully at the center of their tables.

Apart from table centerpieces, you can display an ice sculpture on the welcome table where your guest book is placed or on the dinner buffets if you are not having a seated dinner. You can even have the ice sculptures as bowls to serve the salads in.

To present a more dramatic effect, you can add flowers to the ice sculpture if it is carved in a vase shape or a collection of vases. You can also add candles, which will look beautiful with the reflection on the clear ice.  

Heavenly Wedding in LebanonTall Vase CenterpieceTall Vase Centerpiece 1Tall Vase Centerpiece 2

Tall Vases

What’s great about tall vases as centerpieces for your wedding or any special seated celebration is that they don’t get in the way of your guests while talking to each other across the table.

And, of course, because they look beautiful and dramatic!

Whether you’re using flowers or candles, or both, tall vases will give a luxurious touch to your wedding venue.

Check out these stunning centerpieces we spotted at a heavenly wedding in Lebanon by Paul Nasr.

Lebanese WeddingCandles CenterpieceCandles Centerpiece 1Candles Centerpiece 2Candles Centerpiece 3Candles Centerpiece 4Candles Centerpiece 5Candles Centerpiece 6


We all know that flowers are the main item when it comes to wedding decor, but if you are looking for something different then how about using candles? 

You can either use just candles for your wedding centerpieces or mix them with other items such as flowers and greenery. Here are more ideas for you to include candles at your wedding.

Why candles? Candles create a warm and romantic ambiance, they also give a relaxing and dreamy vibe to the wedding.

There are so many creative and unique ways to use candles as your wedding centerpieces, to help you out, we have compiled some ideas for some beautiful candle centerpieces.

For this magical Lost Wonderland Wedding in Lebanon, hundreds of candles decorated the wedding tables to create a magical theme.

Statement FlowersLake Como Wedding at Dead SeaStatement Flowers 1Statement Flowers 2Statement Flowers 3Royal Colosseum Wedding

Statement and Over The Top Flowers

More and more brides-to-be are choosing daring, bold, and huge flower centerpieces for weddings. 

To impress their wedding guests and wow them, many brides are looking for creative and unique ideas for their flower centerpieces, particularly Arab brides who are known to love everything glamorous and luxurious.

Flowers can transform your entire wedding, but having big flower arrangements and centerpieces can be pricey.  It goes without saying that the bigger and more glamorous your flower centerpieces are, the higher the price.

When it comes to your wedding centerpieces you can be as creative as you want, wedding centerpieces don’t have to be flowers in a vase or a bunch of candles; get creative and show your guests how unique your wedding can be.

For example, these luxurious white floral wedding centerpieces from the Royal Colloseum-inspired wedding in Lebanon are simply breathtaking!

Looking for something more colorful? Check out these over-the-top colorful wedding centerpieces at a Lake Como-themed wedding at the Dead Sea, Jordan.

Bottle CenterpiecesBottle Centerpieces 1Bottle Centerpieces 2


Flowers can transform your entire wedding, but having dreamy flower arrangements and centerpieces can be pricey. 

However, this doesn’t have to always be this way; you can have beautiful flower centerpieces that look fancy and expensive without going over your wedding budget.

Use your empty bottles! You can paint them in any color you want, you can use different sizes and with just 1 flower stem in every bottle, you can create beautiful centerpieces that look like they have come out of a magazine. This idea is very appropriate for eco-friendly weddings and for outdoor garden weddings and at-home weddings, and particularly so for the DIY bride.  

Store your empty bottles and collect more from friends and nearby restaurants to get the quantity you need for your wedding. 

Whether you want to play with the color, size, or shape, there are so many ideas to create these floral centerpieces from.

Cake CenterpiecesCake Centerpieces 1

Cake Centerpieces

For brides who are looking for an alternative to traditional floral centerpieces, there are many choices out there as long you keep looking for creative ideas.

One of the trends that caught our eyes is having small cakes placed as centerpieces on each table for guests to share.

This is not just cute, but it is also a great way to save on your wedding budget for flowers and wedding cake!

This way you can have 2 in 1; a centerpiece and a cake for each table, how cool does that sound?

See more ideas for cake centerpieces here!

Herbs CenterpiecesHerbs Centerpieces 1Herbs Centerpieces 2


Prefer something fragrant for your big day? Try potted herbs. Affordable and chic, herbs will fill your ceremony and reception with natural, relaxing aromas.

Mini rosemary plants make great wedding favors that green the lives of your guests. Lavender, marjoram, mint, lemongrass, and sage can be arranged to create fantastic centerpieces and bridal bouquets.

Sticks, Branches and WildflowersSticks, Branches and Wildflowers 1Sticks, Branches and Wildflowers 2

Sticks, Branches and Wildflowers

Fill pots with local wildflowers and used chalkboards as menus for each table. Not only will this save you a tremendous amount on decor, but they will also be able to create a traditional rustic vibe.

Feathers CenterpiecesFeathers Centerpieces 1Feathers Centerpieces 2


Tie up a bunch together to make a bouquet that's soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. Dress 'em up a bit by inserting a few bouquet jewels or popping in a few fake pearls. As for the bouquet jewels themselves, use them sparingly; too much sparkle can scream "poor quality." 

Potted Plants CenterpiecePotted Plants Centerpiece 1Potted Plants Centerpiece 2

Potted Plants

You don't have to rule out all plants just because you won't be using flowers. Small trees or green plants could provide an elegant look for your centerpieces.

Large plants can make good wedding decorations and table centerpieces. Like the Bomboniere, small individual plants can be placed together to form a table centerpiece and then be used as wedding favors.

Dried Flowers CenterpiecesDried Flowers Centerpieces 1Dried Flowers Centerpieces 2

Dried Flowers

Saudi wedding planner Sarah Al Dabagh of Lace Events created a warm and romantic vibe for this wedding, so she went for very unique flower arrangements in earthy tones with a hint of burgundy, green and brown. All the flowers, leaves, and plants used at this wedding were dried and came in different textures and heights arranged in a very natural way. See more of this pretty wedding here!

Bohemian Wedding CenterpiecesBohemian Wedding Centerpieces 1Bohemian Wedding Centerpieces 2

Wild and Tribal

For a tribal or bohemian wedding think of colorful and wild blooms and materials, for this vivid tribal wedding by  My Event Design, the team of Majeda Bisharat decorated the tables with over-sized vibrant centerpieces made from different colors, textures, and dried luscious blooms. African proteas, anthurium, and other tropical flowers in red, orange, blue, and other vibrant colors were used in the flower arrangements and in vases of different lengths and sizes. See more of this wonderful wedding here!

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