A Dramatic Wedding Flower: The Protea

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A Dramatic Wedding Flower: The Protea

The Protea flower is the national flower of South Africa. In South African tradition, the Protea flower represents change and hope. It comes in white, shades of pink, red, cream, yellow, purple, orange, and green.

Because of how diverse they are, the genus was named after Proteus, a Greek god who would morph into many shapes. There are 5 types of Protea that are popular for wedding bouquets: Queen Protea, King Protea, Pincushion Protea, Pink Ice Protea, and Blushing Bride Protea. 

If you want an untraditional, bold and dramatic flower, then Protea will definitely keep your guests talking! But as they can be expensive depending on the season and your location, for the best value, use them sparingly to make a real statement. For example, you can just use one large King Protea as your wedding bouquet or mix it with other flowers, blooms, and greenery. 

Not sure how to deal with a dramatic flower like the Protea flower? We are here to give you some ideas you’ll love.