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Calla Lily Inspired Wedding

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Calla Lily Inspired Wedding

The Calla Lily is a simple classic flower that has long graceful lines and showy blossoms in a wide array of colors.

Calla Lily is one of the most popular choices for bridal bouquets. It has been fulfilling the wedding dreams of brides for many years, particularly for spring and summer weddings.

Florists, cake decorators, and other wedding vendors have taken this traditional flower and added a contemporary flair with fresh modern floral arrangements and interesting color palettes.

For a classic or minimal look go for white Cala Lillies and you will have timeless wedding flower arrangements and a timeless wedding bouquet.

But Calla Lily also comes in different colors that are also breathtaking, for a bride who wants to add a pop of color to her bouquet or wedding decor go for colored Calla Lillies.

Our favorite colors for spring and summer weddings are pastels such as lavender, pinks, and corals, and, of course, the classic white calla lily. For a winter or fall wedding, purple is a beautiful color in all its shades and will add a warmer touch your fall or winter wedding, you can also go for deeper and darker shades of purple.