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Beautiful Wedding Picture Ideas

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Beautiful Wedding Picture Ideas

We can't stress enough on how important your wedding pictures are and how important it is to pay attention to all the details that make your wedding pictures beautiful and unique, from choosing the right wedding photographer to creating the most beautiful backdrop, and keeping it all-natural and sweet at the same time. To start with, you will need to get inspired by some beautiful wedding picture ideas.

Your wedding photographer should always help you out in that area, as they know what will suit you, what can look nice according to your wedding venue, and of course, they will be up to date with the latest wedding photography trends. For example, Saudi female wedding photographer Salma Jammal, who is based in Jeddah, explained: "As a wedding photographer I have noticed that every year there is a new trend in wedding photography that most of the brides want to include in their wedding album”, said Salma.

"When I saw the big demand for photo trends especially during last year, I started to do a photo checklist for every bride. I list the most beautiful trends for the bride to get inspired from and to make my own version of it", added Salma.

So take a look at all the beautiful wedding picture ideas we have here for you.

Wedding Photo Booth

Wedding Photo Booths and Video Booths

Some brides are allocating a corner in the wedding venue for the guests to have their photos taken with photo-booth props. And other brides are opting for few signs from the photobooth to use them in their wedding portrait session. In either case, make sure you don’t overdo this and make all your wedding photos in photo booth style.

Have a video booth installed at your wedding for guests to share their best wishes to you!

Wedding Photography Props

Photo Props

Photo props or photo accessories are a great way to add some fun to your photo booth, your props can consist of many things, such as frames, signs, sparklers, and much more.

Wedding Selfies

Wedding Selfie

With the Selfie trend taking over the world, almost every bride and groom take a selfie during their wedding day nowadays. It would be great to have spontaneous moments like these documented.

Casual Family Wedding Group Shot

Casual Family Group Shot

These days people are enjoying casual and spontaneous photos more than those very formal ones. I’m not saying you can’t take formal wedding pictures, it is up to you and your groom to choose the style of wedding pictures you want. Those laid back pictures will be fun and wonderful looking back at your wedding pictures, so why not have a mix of both?

First Look

The First Look

The moment when the groom sees his bride on the wedding day for the first time, whether she’s walking down the aisle or a private first look before the wedding ceremony. You don’t want to miss capturing this moment!

Funny Wedding PicturesFunny Wedding Pictures 1Funny Wedding Pictures 2Funny Wedding Pictures 3Funny Wedding Pictures 4

Funny Wedding Pictures

In the past few years, brides and grooms have become more innovative and daring when it came to their wedding pictures. So why not have fun with your wedding pictures and create a couple of funny shots.

Enhanced Color Wedding Pictures

Enhanced Colors

A series of color layers and faded washes "painted" onto the image in postproduction to highlight certain tones and de-emphasize others.

Vintage Wedding Pictures

Vintage Photography

An effect created in postproduction that adds milky, washed-out tones of red or yellow to the picture.

To complement a vintage wedding theme, you must consider vintage photography and ask your wedding photographer to produce some of your wedding photographs in a vintage style. 

Here is what you need to know:

  • You don’t need to edit every single photo taken at the wedding to give it a vintage feel.  Not all photos will look good as vintage.
  • Select a variety of photos: Some of the two of you, and others of you with your family and friends, as well as pictures of the setup and wedding theme. 
  • If you have a digital copy of your photos, you can apply the vintage effect on them yourself. You can use Photoshop or any other software or application. View the tutorials and give it a shot.
  • If you are posting some of your own photos taken by your smart-phone, use Instagram to add vintage filters.
  • Keep the original photos in case you wanted to go back to their original setting.
Sparkle Wedding Pictures

Use Some Sparkle

Use sparklers to create a beautiful and magical effect and let your photographer capture the moment.

Bride Getting ReadyGroom Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Make sure you take pictures of you and your groom getting ready for the most important day of your lives.

Smoke Bomb Wedding PicturesSmoke Bomb Wedding Pictures 1Smoke Bomb Wedding Pictures 2

Smoke Bombs

Smoke bomb photography adds a whimsical and colorful touch to your wedding pictures.

Smoke bomb effects are cool and fun, so consider having a few pictures taken with smoke bombs.

But before you go ahead, there are some things you need to know.

Smoke bombs need to be done by a professional, to avoid any accidents, such as explosions, burns, or stains.

Make sure you use cool burning bombs, to avoid burns or explosions, although it is very unlikely for a smoke bomb to explode, it can happen.

As a bride, you want to make sure that the colorful smoke is not too close to you or your dress to avoid staining it.

Just make sure you have a professional working with you and your wedding photographer.

GIF Wedding Pictures

GIF Wedding Pictures

Want to keep your wedding pictures eternal? And feel like they are coming alive every time you look at them?

A new trend is hitting the wedding industry soon which captures every moment and movement literally! GIF wedding photography trend has been a hit with brides and grooms around the world and in the Middle East.

GIF pictures capture the moment you want to cherish and captures your movements as well, so it looks like you are actually watching yourself in a picture rather than looking at a static picture.

Marriage Proposal

Capture The Proposal

Some smart grooms are hiring photographers to shoot their marriage proposal, as this day is as important as your wedding day, having pictures to remind you of this romantic day is a perfect idea.

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